Comfortable Place

Internal-selves are not where they should be at times. Their lives cannot be without the possibility of union. United they are through people. The only difference is that they cannot achieve without others. Having someone supportive will truly lift an internal up, and that will lead toward their creativity. Internals thrive in the presence of support, love, care, harmony. All other conditions created by others will annihilate the state of an internal and therefore disable them. The place for internals is within the circle of divine alignment, they thrive in good conditions.

Negativity in the circle is destructive, only external negativity can be handled with ease and peace. When deprived of peace, internal selves cannot thrive. Peace is essential, and we will go an extra mile to say that peace is stability. A stable environment that provides what they need, supportive, understanding, harmony where the vision of them is aligned with what the internals are trying to achieve. A stable environment is only a path to the better alignment to good. For me thriving is important, and moving from one good thing to another is a successful motion for an internal.

An internal person is not able to thrive in the up and down environment within their close circle of relationships and family. Short term imbalances will push an internal into figuring out why it is not working, as well as trying to find harmonious solutions. The long-term up and downs within the close circle will make an internal extremely uncomfortable. They will try to align at first and even move away from the source of discomfort after. If the circle does not provide support, an internal start quietly suffering, unable to find peace. Over time, this leads to a detrimental lack of peace within and eventually to inevitable internal suffering. In short, the place for internals is next to good. They will succeed. Anything less than that will lead them to become aware of their needs.

Internals are very nurturing, they are caretakers and caregivers. They love, and they give and often provide for those close to them. These people give so much back, that everybody knows them as kind, loving, nurturing and caring. Without support, an internal cannot give for too long. They won’t thrive in a lacking on support environment. Usually, people who are in need of receiving, gravitate to internals, knowing that internals can take care of them. Only this is not necessarily a good thing for an internal if those people only take. For example, externals really gravitate to internals. Externals have needs, and those needs need to be met. Internals are perfect to meet the needs of externals. Only, it is a perpetual trap, if an external does not give, and especially does not provide support. Such unions are very common. If you are internal, this might sound familiar. You might have a friend that came into your life, who has a need, a problem, whose life is not in alignment. Usually, internal people are fixers, they fix other people lives. They help. And if the person they got engaged with is external, it is usually the same result. An external takes what they need, and walks away when the need is fulfilled. An internal is normally left feeling used. If you felt it in your life, that your friends including your family used you, that might be the case, you are internal and you have not had a supportive connection with them.

The path to success for an internal in their life is through a harmonious union. When your partner, your parent, your friend truly provides support, they probably have an idea for your success, and also see how you could achieve it. Internals usually have nothing through themselves. They only have what their support gives them. If an aligned supporter decides for an internal, there is a definite achievement that comes their way. An internal can also decide for themselves, but to achieve, they need someone to support them and their idea.

The place of internals is indeed within the harmonious relationships, be it a friendship, relationship or family connections. Internals thrive only through positive unions. Those must provide support. Without support, there is no place for an internal to go. Without support, they do not thrive, and without support, they cannot be.

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