Supportive Vision

Very often decisions and visions of others for internals co-create their lives. It really depends who will shape your life. And better to be paired up with someone who is absolutely your best advocate in life. They need to love you, and their best option for you will become your best direction. Mostly you cannot thrive without such support and if you have nobody, it is often a feeling of being lost and not having a direction. Direction comes from you at times too, but it needs to be supported by the one who is in union with you. Your partner in this is the key to your life. The vision of them thriving will also align you.

Their success in life is also highly influential on your own path. If they have problems and cannot thrive for extended periods of time and if that is affecting your immediate internal space, over time this puts a strain on an internal and they also cannot do well. The key here is to ensure that the internal does not get involved to such a degree where they collapse and cannot go on. The internal should not be doing the saving, they can assist and nurture, but the one who is the partner in the union, they need to find a way to improve their conditions. When alignment is there, often a problem of the supportive side does not matter as much. The strain can come from depletion that the internal self might feel if the support does not go to them during the difficult times. That is also the key to the union for successful co-existence.

The partner in the union to an internal person can be either internal or external. The external people do not address their basic needs. They simply take. And the internals cannot exist without support. Support is an essential piece to the stable union of both because the internal will always give. The internal cannot take. They simply cannot. They are whole. And the externals they take. In the past, I have attracted connections where I gave a lot, and they always took a lot. And their alignment to me was always their need. Their needs are always about taking. At times that exhausted me because the support they provided, did not give all that I needed. Such connections over time faded away. But what I am left with today is a small number of people who I have true friendship and love with. They know me.

The vision of me, becoming successful, created my career. Those who saw me as competent, created my knowledge. Those who saw me as kind received kindness. Those who saw me as different had that too. The good of me always came, the bad of me, not always. The bad was the vision of them. Their bad vision mostly affected my health. I had numerous health issues over years and when I knew who influenced me, they had bad thoughts or bad ideas or visions about me as a person. They never contributed to my wellness as an internal. The vision needs to be supported. If you are an internal being, find your best supporter for your idea, and keep in touch with them, let them fuel your vision with their excitement. Remember that they need to be your true advocate for the idea, and really be supportive. The vision held is exactly what they need, because if they know, then the internal will.

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