In many ways, the internal beings are different. Because they don’t feel the same way as others, whether they have been through something or not, they might not even know. The emotional side of the internal people works completely differently. Very often we are called passive aggressive. And I will tell you the truth, I never resonated with this statement. Passive aggressive means we hold some sort of suppressed aggression. Do we? And I will tell you right now. No. We are not aggressive. In fact, we are simply not understanding what we are feeling, and hardly are aware of when we are in pain. Passive aggressive means, that people stuff up emotions and spill them at people around. And I believe many people do that, but for internal selves, it takes a long time before they get to that. It is simply that they finally realized, that they need to push back.

And I saw passive aggressive people. It is usually an ongoing issue. People suppress themselves so much, that they explode emotionally in the end. Internal selves do not suppress anything. It is a natural state to be not processing any emotions. In fact, we might observe them at our best, but not use them to the degree that others do. We do not spill emotions.

The emotional side of the internal selves works differently. We actually use it mostly for discernment. And teaching oneself how to, is important. The signs of something that is not in internal alignment, show up very fast, it is a slight pain, which results in slight sadness, subtle uncomfortable feeling. Over time, that goes actually undetected into the very being that we are and does not show up. You will figure out eventually you are in pain, but it will take a mental effort to even get there to realize. You might not even be aware after, that you were in pain.

In my case, I noticed from an early age that I was never in disharmony with people. I loved fun, I cared, I played, and I only wanted to make other people happy. I never understood when my parents would be displeased, or other people would tell me they were upset with me. I never understood when others tried to push me around, or be harsh with me. And I remember rare cases when I would stop finally tolerating and push very hard back. But it would take me a really long time before I would understand that it was very uncomfortable, what people were doing. As an internal self, we have a higher threshold of tolerance. We can tolerate a lot and we hardly complain. It is essential to recognize when we are in discomfort and simply move away from such circumstances.

Our emotions are mostly based on love and care. I don’t know any internal yet, who is not love and care. They go an extra mile to please others, to help, and to fix other people as well as save them. I did all of that. I am the best friend in need. I am the fixer, who takes on other people’s burdens. I give what others don’t. I have been. I am.

Our emotions range and we experience everything as well. The only difference is that we don’t hang onto bad emotions for long. Normally, we let go of unhealthy emotions swiftly. That is because we don’t know what to do with them as other people. We watch them, and we let go. And we also are unsure where they go after. It is usually a surprise when something emotional bubbles up. Then we recognize, there was a pain. And even then, we let it go as we are naturally happy and harmonious people.

I am aware that there are some internals, who encountered much worse life situations and probably got overwhelmed with pain and can actually acknowledge the pain better. As for regular life situations, I shall say, we feel, but we don’t process. We have emotional states, but we also can shift into other states through shifting focus, and that is how we move on. Therefore, for us, consciousness plays a great role. Thinking through and correctly directing our thoughts, understanding of life situations helps us to move on and we don’t hold on to negativity for long.

My emotional body is not underdeveloped. I was dealing with other individuals in the past who claimed that emotional intelligence is everything. They were very emotional people through genes. I saw their emotions fly, the happy ones, the negative ones, it was hard to be next to them. I experienced discomfort around highly emotional people. They scared me. It does not allow me to stay in my peace. I prefer harmony. There is nothing wrong with them the way they are. I will only say that we are very different on the emotional range, and I will tell you even more, that we as internal people love having fun! We see the laughter, joy, harmony, happiness, and peace as the cornerstone of our existence. The soul within matters. We love heart to heart connections. We do.

Emotions are the movers of manifestations. The manifesting though is a very different matter for us as internal selves, and I will address it in my next article.








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