Origins & Influences

Where the internal people come from? Why are they internal? By whose design they exist? Normally one would think, it is your personal evolution that leads you to become internal. In my case, I managed to track down my origins and they came from the level above of Who I was.

We come from higher dimensions. And for many incarnate spirits, the next level up above you is your Higher Self who gave birth to you. Although, it isn’t so for particular advanced individuals who come directly from Higher Consciousness. But I will speak of my own story.

I came from a woman one level up, who thought to give birth to Love. When Higher Selves decide to birth Love, they always create an internal being. The internal self that newborn spirit is, cannot exist as a solo. They need a partnership where they are sustained by a close connection. Normally, the Higher Self is that connection for an internal. In life, it is their closest relationship.

The truth about being born that way is that you hold the Love of your Higher Self, you are their Love. You are the Internal, and a lot of the time you depend on them and their support of you. You represent their internal state and you need to be nurtured.

Your Higher Selves can be either internal or external. In my case, she was external. For an internal incarnate being, any misalignment with the external Higher Self results in unpredictable life events compounded by inexplicable feelings. You might face odd life situations that will make you wonder why they are happening. You might feel some hidden sadness for far too long or feel like people turn away from you for no reason. The non-benevolent influence on their life can truly bring down an internal person. At times it is hard for them to even recover.

On the other hand, when your Higher Self supports you, it will bring you the good and you will feel empowered. When you are aligned with this level, you blossom in your lives. They are engaged in supporting you throughout. The manifestation of your life unfolds in beautiful and supported ways. Your Higher Self manifests. The alignment here is essential as the key to your success in incarnations.

I was supported by my Higher Self for the most of my incarnations. About five incarnations ago she took a decision to step away from monitoring my lives as she didn’t need incarnations as she perceived it. She engaged herself into her own activities at her plane of existence. The lack of interest led to extreme manifestations of short-lived lives that ended in violent deaths at the hands of other people. None of the incarnations after that were successful.

I have never figured out this issue until lately. I always knew something was off. My situation was such that if I didn’t have a supportive person in my life, I never could manifest according to my own will. I felt that I was at the mercy of other people’s wills. How they treated me, reflected into everything around me and within me. If they wanted me, I lived well. If they didn’t care, I was depleting and had health issues.

I found out about my Higher Self predisposition only three months ago and realized that her influence on this life was detrimental, to say the least. I have been between life and death for seven years straight. I could not understand why I attracted no support and no care. Close people expressed lack of interest in my problems including lack of compassion. I prayed and pleaded with God to find out what was truly wrong with me. The answer I received stated, I was an internal self and my Higher Self was external. Her rejection of support towards me manifested in my life strongly.

After my find, I invoked my Higher Self to speak with. I explained to her, how lack of interest in my incarnations showed up as no support, no willpower and premature deaths. I asked her to work with me through my life’s situations. She managed to fix just a few things that I requested, and support came in within a couple of days. I was truly surprised. I felt the difference. I never had such ease at manifesting support before. It was a slight improvement, but it gave a breathing space. As for my other requests, she simply said, she did not want to participate in incarnations, her life was full as is and she suggested that I find a better way to support myself regardless.

For an internal self to have no support from the Higher Self, equals death. I saw other people who had little to no support from Higher Selves. I shall say, they still do well and can achieve. In my case, it was not working. Apparently, the issue also lied in the dynamics of externals and internals that I am and She is. The external Higher Self released Her Love into me and became fully external. We were one before my birth, and now separate. I was only an integral part of her being that could not survive and exist independently without her.

As I researched, I came upon an understanding that what I have is a very common issue between an external Higher Self and an internal Incarnate Self. They usually grow apart. The reason is, they are different due to their opposite focus. They evolve differently and become extremely polarized in that evolution. Relatedness between the two fades away. The internal Incarnate Self can never understand why their external Higher Self does not respond with mutuality. What came to pass, was Her vision that I was not her. It was the beginning of the end which moved me to embrace God as my Highest Self to aid my life. Through God’s grace, an internal self can live and manifest without being affected by misalignments of opposites through levels.

On the other hand, the Internal Selves born from the Internal Higher Selves have complete harmony as one and as separate. I saw such beings and was amazed to see beautiful harmonious unions into the oneness of self. Internal Higher Selves are very supportive, they care, they love and often participate in incarnations together with their incarnate selves. They form a very natural union that results in Ascension of Self.

I am also very sure that the unions of External Higher Selves with external Incarnate Selves are also harmonious in a sense that both levels are self-sufficient. They don’t need to relate, to communicate or do anything together. They just evolve until there’s time to go back into oneness.

Your origin as an internal self is important. It will dictate how your will manifests in your life. Your ability to will things into life will show whether you are embraced and supported by your Higher Self or not. Your ability to survive in incarnations also depends on them. Once you figure out your origins, take time to analyze your life where it’s working or not. You will know the answers to your key problems in life, to your life patterns, and how others treat you will show how your Higher Self sees you. Ultimately, your self-image comes from your Higher Self. Your internal state will tell you also what’s going on with that connection.

Regardless of what your higher connection is, I can assure you, there is always a solution in case your life is not working and you believe that higher levels of Who You Are, are affecting you. Through your alignment to the Highest Self that you are as God, you can free yourself from unhealthy relating. You can fix your life. You can heal. I am my Highest Self. I am God. I am Love. I am aligned. I manifest. I create. I am.

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