How do internal selves navigate in the world of people? Do we need to stay away from those who are external in their essence? Do we have to relate in any other way?  It is a subject to explore for the rest of my life, yet here is how I see it today.

There is a formula of relating derived from a perspective of only two forces of life. And I will repeat again,  that external people never really have issues of relating to us. It is the internal people who need to be aware. The formula goes like this:

  • Internal + External = Less Harmony
  • Internal + Internal = Harmonious
  • External + External = Good
  • External + Internal = Very Good

I am mostly surrounded in my life by people who are external. I love them very much, yet I see that it is not always comfortable for me to be around them. When I have a small connection with them, it is comfortable and, in fact, enjoyable relating. In close proximity, it might become weary. How do I resolve this in a long run? These people are very good to me, they are amazing, they are fun, they are nice & I want to keep them. At this time I am looking at all of my connections, and rebuilding old relationships that didn’t work out because of internal-external dynamics. It came to me that I have to find a way to relate.

If I am mathematical in my understanding,  how could I solve this problem? The formula only mentions two variables,  two people. And this is how I see it being resolved:

  • Internal + internal (you) + external

Can we aid the internal plus external type of relationship adding to it a third person who is in harmony with internal you?  I feel that this might be the answer. If I have a friend who is an external, I probably need another friend in the same capacity of friendship to replenish my being into wellness of self. I have this dynamics in my life,  and it proved to work. My female best friend is an external,  she is Angelic,  she is wonderful, pure in Light. Our connection mostly was about her, her life,  her problems and her ideas for us. I was only there supporting her, loving her and being a true friend. The balance came through my friendship with my best guy friend. He is an internal, someone who deeply cares, always checks on me and my wellbeing,  he truly loves me,  caring, selfless and open. I kept the balance of my relating with her through such connection.

There are other type of relationships like marriage. How do you resolve a marriage of an internal to an external? That’s tougher. I hope with time I will have some interesting revelations and will understand more of what needs to happen for a possibility of such a relationship, especially when true love is present.


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