Innermost is what we are

The innermost is what we are. Innermost means we are internal, we are within. When we are within, we can’t think. We only think when we look outside of ourselves. We are unable to look at ourselves. For the sake of experiment, try right now looking at yourself. I bet you won’t be able to if you are internal. You will be puzzled why you cannot achieve that. Only externals can truly see themselves. As for us, we are not able to see ourselves. We know and learn about ourselves through other people learning about us.

We, internals, are complete as ourselves. There is nothing we need to add to within. We are a complete state of being. The internal people are not in the state of needing anything from outside of themselves. On the other hand, externals don’t hold the internal state, therefore they will always try to fill this void. The needs of the externals are never-ending. There is nothing wrong with being external or internal,  it’s just the way we are created. Internals are in the state of being. Externals are in the state of doing. And that’s where the story of life begins…

Internals do not feel emotion the same way also. At times they cannot feel the emotion altogether. Emotion simply drowns within the depth of our soul and doesn’t find easily its way back. And when it bubbles up, it’s unexpected and is a surprise.

We, internals, feel our soul as being deep and large, we feel love for others. We are capable to love. We are highly predisposed to loving unconditionally. The care for others is an impetus to act. Love in itself is a state of being that we hold. Care is the reason to live and act. Care is the main reason for our existence. For externals, even though they are love in their essence, they don’t hold a state, and their reason for existence is the achievement.

I become almost external when I socialize with external people. My capability to do well and achieve increases. This happens just through being in the presence of an external for a short time. They possess the external command of power. That’s what we are naturally lacking. Instead, we hold the command of the internal power. That means that we are rather resilient, patient and tolerant.

When it comes to manifesting, externals are the best bet to manifest with. With internals, we just coexist. I can manifest for myself alone too, only my manifestations are not huge and not as meaningful. Without having a need, how can I manifest? Manifestations do not come easy. Choosing your great allies can lead your life into the right flow. Normally, many internals can feel that they are content with what they have. That manifests in a simpler lifestyle. And if they do accumulate any wealth or any success, the interesting part to that would be, that they did that for someone else or through someone’s good support for them. It can be their parent who wanted to see them married or going to university or a wife who wanted to have a house and so on. All of the achievements of the internals come through loving care for others or support provided to them. Care for others is what we feel. Support for us is what we need to become successful.

We can never externalize our main manifestations unless we are collaborating with someone. If you want to manifest for yourself,  be aware,  you will need to have a partner of some sort who will fuel your vision with ideas, resources and will create the right energy to push forward your manifestation. Regardless of this fact, the internal people are amazing creators. Because of the nurturing inner side, we nurture projects to fruition as nobody like us has so much patience and understanding. On the other hand, nobody like externals can move the mountains and create the forward motion for any project. These forces need each other for many creative projects and succeed through creative collaboration where everybody does what they are good at. Yet, when it comes to personal lives, the story about these forces is a bit different. They are not the most harmonious as the needs of the internals are not being taken into account. Knowing about what we are from the perspective of internals and externals can bring you towards major revelations about your current life and will disclose how to achieve the win-win situations for yourself and others in the future.

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