Two Forces of Life

My life was not happening for about eight years and in my despaired prayer to God, I was infused with the knowledge that has explained what was truly wrong.  I discovered that I was an Internal with External Higher Self and this was the worst possible combination existing. Every time I was not seen by her my life went okay, and when she paid attention to me and saw me as different or less,  my life was not supported and plainly went wrong, and every time I asked her to help me with my life, she told me to do it on my own.

The dynamics with Her totally deteriorated my life over eight years as she paid attention to me, to the degree of almost having died a few times without possibility to recover my health and my life. I took a deep dive into the worst possibility and was failing to understand why I was struggling. The Angel that came through my prayer, told me that without the support of Higher Self internal selves feel abandoned and for me, in particular, it felt like I was dying. And it was literally manifesting. Out of this came the transfer of me to a new Higher Self that turned out to be Internal. I feel more the flow now and I feel that I can finally be who I am.

Because of this transfer, I got so interested in the subject and started analyzing every person who ever came into my life to see why we had particular dynamics, and where we were successful or failing. It all began to make sense. I am starting to share my knowledge that I believe will hugely contribute to the healing of all of us on this plane of existence and not only. This knowledge extends and goes beyond into the realm of Higher Selves. They hold the key to our destinies. I have the key as well as I work more and more with them to fix not only my life but the lives of others.

Here is some knowledge of types that I discovered that exist and these are based on two forces that God initially created. These forces mostly manifest on two levels of existence, the Incarnate levels, and Higher Self levels. Our level is more complex where these forces of life are in play. There is actually less harmony due to the diversity of types that we get through the levels of Higher Selves. Besides, every one of us upon creation through these levels gets a personal signature or so-called original thought, original idea what we truly evolve as for our Higher Selves to become more. We are the aspects of them, the future parts of them, that which they acquire through our return. We cause their expansion.

The concept of internal and external forces of life is not the only concept existing. There are other concepts and resulting forces that exist. Man and woman are not forces, but their gender is. If a gender concept is about co-creation & manifestation, the concept of external and internal forces is circular in nature, one force replenishes, the other give away. And that is what the concept is about.

All levels above Higher Selves are actually Internal. Everything is Internal. The only diversion gets introduced first time at the level of Higher Selves. This is where all of them are either Internal or External. Where the gender diversion starts at the level of Higher Self of Selves, one level above our Higher Self. These are considered Divine Males. They are always Internal, there are no Females, and they are neutralizing in gender and combine both genders into One. Above the Higher Self of Selves is our Soul, and the Soul represents the Consciousness and is genderless. The Incarnate Consciousness begins with our Higher Selves. Incarnate Selves that we are, carry over the Incarnate Consciousness of a more manifested form, and less expansive nature. The Higher Consciousness of Higher Selves is not translatable into our Consciousness fully. When we return, we have to surrender the way of life, the knowledge that served us in the incarnation. We have to be free to ascend and merge back into our Higher Being.

The complex diversity of Internals and Externals begins from the levels of incarnate selves. We can be ourselves either Internal or External as well as our Higher Selves have the same functions. For example, we can have an External Higher Self, and be Internal as an Incarnate. How to determine your type and what type is your Higher Self will be explained in future articles. There are 4 types that are created from this: Truly Internal, Truly External, Diverse Internal and Diverse External.


  • Truly Internal
    • Higher Self and Incarnate Self are both internal
    • In short, Internal/Internal
  • Truly External
    • Higher Self  and Incarnate Self are both external
    • In short, External/External
  • Diverse External
    • Higher Self is internal, Incarnate Self is external
    • In short, Internal/External
  • Diverse Internal
    • Higher Self is external, Incarnate Self is internal
    • In short, External/Internal

The best-supported types through levels of Higher Selves are Truly Internal, and Diverse External. These individuals are highly nurtured and looked after. Their Higher Levels see their incarnate selves as themselves and due to the loving nature and desire to care, their Higher Selves are always responding to them positively. There is a natural flow of support that trickles down into their lives.

The least supported types are Truly Externals and Diverse Internals. In fact, I shall say that Truly Externals are not needing their Higher Selves as much to support them. They are very externalized and capable to manifest and take care of themselves. As for Diverse Internals, they are the true least supported individuals and this combination has proved not to work out well. Often External Higher Selves cannot see themselves as Internal incarnate selves, because their focus is on the external qualities which their incarnate selves hardly carry. The rejection by External Higher Selves here is quite common. Many incarnates become either disconnected, or sick & unwell, or hardly supported and their life plans do not work out. Yet, because of the Higher Selves being external, everything that Higher self is achieving, naturally can be reproduced and achieved by the internal incarnate self.

The Diverse Internals might have a common problem of “not being seen” by other people, that is because their Higher Selves are not seeing them being similar to themselves. The same problem may at times exists for True Internals but for a different reason. It is because their self-expression is not there, and who they are is not on the surface either, people do not see them. Both types seem to be seen as the “seeing party” pleases. And most of the times their “vision” of what such internals are is less than true. When such an internal hears others define them and put labels, there is always a wonder, why people see you that way, as there is hardly any resonance from within to confirm such affirmations.

The other piece of knowledge is worth mentioning is the understanding. The best combinations are True Externals coming together. They always will understand each other. The combination of the opposites such as Diverse External with Diverse Internal has the least understanding or shall we say complete misunderstanding to the degree of inability to communicate. Knowing such peculiarities, you can decide who to be friends, business partners or life partners with.

The externals are always drawn to internals and backward. It is because these forces are capable to engage and co-create. One force manifests and adds energy to and holds the vision for the idea, and another force creates, nurtures and grows the project. These unions can be quite powerful for business reasons. In personal life, these forces create the needed pull and push and therefore a powerful chemistry can occur for a relationship. The matter of harmony though is a tough one. Externals and internals cannot fully co-create harmony in personal relationships for a variety of reasons. The evolution of consciousness, the lifestyle, as well as spiritual adherence,  may add the good to harmonize them. Ideally, we should not work at relationships and all of us are looking for a magic recipe to manifest a perfect partner and create the most harmonious unions. And such unions do exist. You probably have manifested your best friend with whom you are aligned with or a parent who is your best supporter. And as for love life, the chemistry is a big deal to many, and the rest needs to be also there for a relationship to last as well.

These forces of life truly play a huge role in people’s lives where the balance must be always observed. We, the Internals, get depleted in life due to our giving nature. The wise ones tell us that we give too much and hardly receive anything. The Universal Law of Compensation here is not working the way we people tend to think. We feel that if we give to others, somehow we will receive it back and the Law of Compensation states that is the truth. Unfortunately, I have to reveal the truth to you. The giving Internals are not the receivers. Who is receiving then? Remember how I said, the concept of internals and externals is circular? Guess who is the receiver? The Externals! The main reason is that the external force always wins when the internal force always depletes and this happens without exception. 

This subject will leave you pondering and maybe even confused. I will guide you through the process of self-discovery which will bring you the truth of your nature, what works for you, and what doesn’t. It is about the correction of your destiny and bringing the success to your life regardless of which side of the force you are on, that I am talking about. I have failed so deeply in the life that I came very close to the truth which I cannot just use and not share. This truth will benefit not only me but many, for your life and you matter. Let’s begin our journey together!

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