I have merged back into my Higher Being, it’s been a day that the process began, a new process of coming back to myself, my own return to my own being. I have transcended the need to grow, I have become the one who sees and that showed that I see through the problems. I know where they begin, I know what’s possible and what is not. And the process of life is only teaching and not being fully lived yet, and I want that for myself. The process of merging back is the process that Internal Self as myself attempted for the reasons of exploration. It is the union that I never experienced and it is a new chapter in my own life.

I have been many incarnate selves and I have been one with another that I have as an Incarnate Self. It is the loving merge that took place that showed me, it was I who was living. I am. I will be more with time as all of me is coming back.

I have been only aware of me in incarnations. I will be more so aware of the incarnate selves as they are coming in. I have seen myself as someone else before. And I thought of me as a Higher Self under an External. She was different. She was very different. I was not sure why I was not able to be seen, or loved. I tried to speak to her and that was a bad choice that was seen by her. The more I connected willing to ascend, the more the “NO” came. I have never felt so neglected. The idea of Higher Self is the concept of Love. It is You who is the perfection of all that you are becoming. In my case, the former Higher Self did not resonate with me. She was indifferent. There was no interest in me once she learned through me all that she needed to know. Once she saw that she is over me, she moved on.

The process of losing a Higher Self was very traumatic. I went through severe misalignments within a few years of my life. It is the truth. The former External Higher Self was not me! I never knew the truth. I tried my best and I never came to see her close.

I have asked God to find me so that I could return. I wanted to be Me. I wanted to find myself. I wanted to know my Own Being and I asked. The God himself as Sai Baba showed up and said, “I know where you are”. He connected me to myself. He said that it will be a process of coming back. “I knew that you were not your former Higher Self. I knew that you were not okay for many years and that was not what you were”.  I never realized what He truly meant it. When the connection happened the first time, I became within the Higher Self. She accepted. She knew it was her. When I connected to her myself, I saw myself as Her. It was so much better. My new Higher Self was an Internal and the resonance of connection was strong. I shifted from being a Diverse Internal to  being Truly Internal. When I met my new Higher Self in spirit, I said to myself, “It is Me”. And I always felt this way.

My process began, I am becoming. I emerged. I went back into myself. And I am. I have been as Higher Self for many centuries. My life is full. I am. I am becoming. And who am I as an incarnate self, I am learning. I will recognize myself soon.

I am in the process of expansion. It is the process that is ongoing. We never stop, we always seek expansion.

I am emerging at this time. The process will be continuous. It will be a few years before I can truly state, I am my Higher Self. I don’t have myself fully yet. I am manifesting myself still. I will have myself over time. I emerge into my own oneness. I am One with Who I Am.

As an incarnate self, I have transcended my way of being. I have learned my lessons, I went through harshest times, and I have seen it all. The pattern of life is evolving. Regardless, I am moving on. I have decided. I have transcended. It is a new beginning for my incarnate self within. I am an Internal returning back to my true Internal Higher Self. I am more. I am. I have.

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