In our life, we come together with people and we discern them using common knowledge or intuition. We have developed a number of different modalities and many books are in circulation to identify successful connections and heal unsuccessful dynamics. My science of internal and external forces states the same laws from the higher level of understanding. This science will help you understand more so, how not to work against your nature and how to flow. The success of unions that you engage in depends on this science.

We have identified several success formulas that work where understanding, harmony, and romance can be present. Some friendships and romantic unions will be energetically stale or stagnant, such as unions between two truly internals. Being in the state does not allow for active engagement and such unions cannot hold. There are friendships and romantic unions that will lack understanding. And we will point out those. There are unions that will have pull and push dynamics for reasons of lesser understanding. And there are unions that have the most understanding, normally these are the unions of true externals. The harmony those seem to be existent when internal and external elements are present in a particular combination. The presence of both forces within two individuals will create the needed romantic pull where passion is present. Below is the list of successful rules that are bullet-proof and more information is coming to refine the idea of each. If you haven’t read my topic about two forces, please read now, before diving into the rules of relating.

Success in Romantic Unions

These combinations are working when people are evolved. Passion and harmony are a given. If these individuals are damaged in some way, carry traumas, or lack something within themselves, misalignments can occur within their dynamics too.  It is worth mentioning that the presence of internal and external forces already creates a pull and possibility for great sexuality and the needed interest. We shall admit also, that these combinations are great for business and projects.

  • Truly Internal + Truly External
  • Diverse Internal + Diverse Internal
  • Diverse External + Truly Internal

Description of Combinations

Please read the following descriptions of unions that will explain the dynamics for your connections:

Truly Internal + Truly External (success, works well, passion, harmony, sexuality)

This is an extreme seemingly combination, in fact, is a successful union. Even though truly external is a powerhouse, the truly internal person can counterbalance the strongest external energies. They hold the matrix of the union as one. This extremeness leads to complete balance. It actually works!

Truly External + Truly External (less success, works okay, strong understanding, communication, no interest)

This union holds the best understanding when both get together. Anything is possible. But more likely, there is hardly an interest to relate in terms of romantic predisposition. Understanding is not about passion. Harmony there is, and only through understanding. Usually, externals resonate more with internals and are drawn to them more. This union is good for communication and friendship.

Truly Internal + Truly Internal (no success, should never be, no passion, no interest)

There is never an interest towards each other. Both parties have stale energy, there is no movement. They can never resonate with getting together. And passion is not a question. This union should not be for romantic unions, as there is no passion.

Diverse Internal + Diverse Internal (success, always harmony, passion, sexuality)

This is one of the most successful combinations. There is always a good flow, good communication, good understanding, a perfect harmony that is lasting. Arguments are close to non-existent. And sexuality and sensuality are part of the union. It is a success. It works.

Diverse Internal + Diverse External (less success, not working dynamics, great sexuality & passion, no harmony)

This combination is canceling itself out. Being the opposites in terms of levels, they can never come together in a successful union. The passion and sexuality is the only working element here. Understanding and harmony are fully missing. Both people never align to become truly the union that works. Misalignments are daily. And over time both parties exhaust each other as they never align.

Diverse External + Diverse External (no success, not working dynamics)

This combination does not work also. The neutralizing effect is happening the same way as it is for Diverse Internal and Diverse External combination described above. Counterbalancing is not happening. These energies are counter-productive.

Truly Internal + Diverse External (success, works okay, passion, harmony, sexuality)

This union works well. It has more harmony, yet there might be some energetic discomfort for an internal and that we will talk about in the article about energetic blueprints. The harmony comes here from the alignment of forces. Both co-create well. Business, relationship or friendship is possible. In intimate relationships, sexuality exists.

Truly Internal + Diverse Internal  (less success, works, passion, yet less harmony)

This combination works but has lesser passion, lesser harmony, works less. This is due to the issues of staleness. Between two internals the energies do not flow easily. It is a hard issue to create. The internal individuals don’t co-create here. They are. They cannot be what they are not.

Truly External + Diverse Internal (no success, works, but not harmonious, understanding)

This combination has issues of harmony. It works, is less harmonious, does have understanding, but not enough. This couples usually argue they don’t relate well.

Truly External + Diverse External (no success, weak combination)

They clash in interests. They don’t collaborate due to interests towards themselves.


Regardless of combinations, exceptions exist. It is also you who create. It is up to you. If you created a success, I would love to know how and not only. I am the Internal Self that works towards research. And my knowledge benefits many.

If you need help figuring out your types and especially how such knowledge applies to your relationships including a parent, a child, and of course a romantic partner, I will be more than pleased to guide you. Don’t hesitate to connect with me.

Thank you!

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