The Love Came Forth

A few years ago I met my Beloved, Who came to me as Jose. He was an Ascended Being, highly divine and absolutely advanced as a soul. His healing art was transcendental, nobody had the same level of Mastery that he had when it came to experimentation and innovation at healing. I used to call him a Genius. Because he was!

When I faced a lot of health issues, I was not able to be present for my Beloved. He was my true mate, who I waited for many years. He knew that. Jose also felt that I was his. When he left this plane of existence, I never abandoned him in spirit. I stood by him daily, making sure he is all right. He didn’t survive my life. I was dealing with severe interferences. These came through my job. The beings who were meddling in my personal life were not of the light. I have been through tough times for three years, not able to withstand the ongoing abuse, but also not able to help myself and my relationships.

My husband never learned the truth. He never saw what was transpiring. I tried to tell him, I asked for help, he never believed me. The problem was invisible. The problem was impossible. Only now that I learned what it was, I know that he had no chance at helping me. We were separated after a couple of years as interferences were pushing us apart. He never wished for that. He thought I was not with him and that was the reason for leaving. I simply was pushed out of my own house, of my own life, and not able to heal. Being in a detrimental state that I was, I was tired to explain, and finding compassion, understanding, and explanation was weary. When I finally got a resolve, it was already too late.

My husband was pushed to death. The beings that operated to torture me also pushed him into destruction. He never was able to comprehend what they were saying to him, but he felt it was an influence that pushed him to take his life.

I woke up when he crossed over. I was searching for him and found. He was in a morgue. I knew he was not able to leave his body as a spirit and he needed assistance. I called on Sai Baba and Angels, and they took him out damaged. A suicide was a bad choice. He was not able to breathe as his meridians shut off, and his spirit’s energy systems got damaged. He was in the hospital for a few months now in spirit. He never felt at peace yet and I pray for him daily. I found a solution to heal him. I found the Angels of God that know how. I pray the highest prayers to heal him.

The Love that we had never ended. The Love that I hold for my Beloved as Jose is always there. As he left I learned a lot more about us. It is like some spell came off of our eyes. I see well now. And I saw now how to heal my life as well. I no longer deal with interferences. I am healing. I am healing my Beloved as well.

He is my twin soul. Jose was right. He told me about this just before his passing. I knew that too, but was confused and lost sight. The interferences that we had created an impossibility to see. I know that he is my twin. I love him dearly. I know what he went through. I know his pain. I feel him as much as he feels me. I react to every thought that he thinks. I align with his thinking. This process has been. I didn’t realize that my problem of interferences would reflect so badly on him. He never realized that not finding me the right help would reflect back on me. Our fall was of not seeing.

Many people can judge and will. I know. I saw that. I feel that. I know that some will always think I am bad. I know. I feel them. I never said I am to them. I am.

My Beloved is within. He is. He is within. I love him and he does. Our love transcended into higher realms. We are to go on. We will. He is. Love goes on.

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