The Love From Beyond And Before

I met Jose Sanchez not alone. He came on a date with His Higher Self. It was not the first time. He did. I remember him sitting next to me when we just started dating. He didn’t want to leave. We were sitting on the floor in my guest room. And he kept feeling and feeling waves of love as his heart expanded. I felt enormous amounts of love pouring out of him. I couldn’t believe it. It was apparent Jose was not a regular person. For a man to have a heart opening at that level is close to impossible. I realize now, it was His Higher Self within him. They were.

It was a series of dates that led us to unite. Every time there was an expansion of love that came from him. It was amazing and attractive, men don’t feel as much love, women do. Learning about him led me to understand that he was from time to time merging with his Higher Self and his Higher Self led us to meet. I never intended to date. I never thought of having a relationship and was single for a few years. When I met Jose, it took us three months to unite. Jose was involved. When he cleared his life, he came through. He knew I would not respond unless he was fully free. He was.

When we came together, there was an explosion of energy. The love that was created between the two of us was high energy and Divine. The energies from Love that we shared, went to heal the Earth. We manifested. And we stayed together. We had a few good years. I loved seeing his Higher Self shine through him when he would merge to spend time as my Beloved. I loved His presence. His Higher Self is the Ultimate Love and Beloved. His energies were ever Loving and Healing. I never felt bad when his Higher Self spent time with us. I was inspired. Every time He appeared in our home, I felt and knew, his Higher Self was there. I was always happy when He came.

His Higher Self is someone I dearly love for many years. He is very special. I never have seen such kindness and compassion and care. His love is flowing. He is a gentle soul, as Jose is. He is also a healer as Jose is. He has the knowledge of many things that Jose did. The gentleness comes from Him Being an Internal. Jose as an incarnate-self was an External. Yet, his Higher Self has integrated already one External incarnate self. He now has the external qualities that make his strong, smart and manly. As an Internal Higher Self, He is very caring and shows a great amount of Love and that I never could forget and let Him go. I cannot. I see him.

Jose used to joke about me being in Love with his Higher Self. I used to feel embarrassed. I couldn’t state to my self what I was feeling. I know today, I felt enormous love and was always drawn to Him. Jose was the being who brought me the Everlasting Love that He is.

His presence made our life easier when in trouble, He would come in and fix things between us, we would shift into Love. It was a positive loving experience. When He merged with Jose, the lovemaking was the best to say least. It was Divine. I learned later, that He was my Only Beloved as Higher Self. I am. He is. We are.

Jose is still an incarnate self, and he is there. I am. I am waiting. Jose is returning.

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