External people are always seeking without stop: new opportunities, new connections, new directions, they never stop. Their focus hardly stays in one place, they love multi-tasking. They are seeking out the options that are the best for them. Their external qualities reveal themselves right away when you meet an external. They are very bright in color, in personality, they don’t hold back, they don’t care about how you feel when they speak, they self-express. External people never express anything internal. The internal qualities always shine in other ways, they are not evident. Their external force is revealed in everything: in their speech, in their action, in their doing. They hardly take time to feel. They don’t seem to have constancy. They are.

You can notice an external through the way they speak. How they talk about events in their life. You will see that they are seeking fulfillment. They are seeking where that need will be taken care of. And they will jump from person to person, from project to project until that idea finds a resolution. Their speech is where their external power lies. You will see them as authoritative, speaking with passion, self-expressing, and not always caring about the feelings of other people. They can be abrupt, straight to the point, direct, and never relating on the terms of another person. They are outspoken, they love voicing their truth. They are not scared to let the world know about them and their personal life even if it makes others uncomfortable. Everybody who knows that, knows that they are sometimes too much. Speech is not the only quality, but it is the main external quality that shows their external power. The rest are derivatives of that. The external power has nothing but the external expression of itself and differs from the internal power which is not obvious.

External qualities that are obvious in external people are: they are outspoken, they have leadership qualities, they love delegating, and they are after achievements and success, they can shine and be in public arena easier, they are active and dynamic, and always seem to have a lot of energy to do things, and move things and promote things, they believe in themselves, they are not scared of conflict, they can be mental, logic is developed well, they don’t stay in non-thriving relationships, they always have a desire to move forward.

They express their external qualities through other people, that’s where the pull exists and they start activating. They believe in self-responsibility and are not good at being responsible for others. They believe in self-empowerment, and will not take care of anyone more than needed. They don’t know balance here at times, as they love themselves more, and they are not achieving if they cannot have. Their need is to bring to themselves all that they need. And their needs are important to them. If needs are not met, the externals usually voice that to those who don’t deliver and will not tolerate anything less than they need. They need people who will support them to fulfill their needs and goals, who have the focus for them and will nurture their projects to fruition, and meet their heart’s desires. Needs are the cornerstone of their existence. External people also know what they want. They always do. And when they thrive, their needs don’t go away, they are always present.

It does not matter how much other people invest in them, – energy, love, care – their needs won’t go away. It is their nature to fill the void of the internal being. If people fail to deliver one day, that overrides the whole history of a relationship. Externals do not have the patience for others and their failures. They are here to be and to do well.

They are outside of themselves, they don’t look within enough. Their focus is on the external things. They notice things about other people better, they notice what nobody notices. They see details, they also can assume things because of that, which often overrides intuition and the truth of another person. They overcomplicate things through overthinking if they are not balanced. The detail-orientedness is the cornerstone of their beingness.

These people are drivers of projects, they are promoters and great at certain professions like sales, marketing, business development, managers, and so on. External people always seem to be moving.

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