Outside of Everything

I am outside of myself. I don’t know who I am. I do. Nobody is more confused about who they are as internals. I have seen myself. I only saw me through others. Myself I saw only what I am. It is the feeling.

I have. I do.

We are internals. It is the reason. I have. I am.

Without you, I am. With you, I see.

Without externals we are. With externals we do.

With my Higher Self, I am whole. I am.

I am an integral part of my Higher Self. I am.

I will. I do.

I am. I am. I am.

I have. I have. I have. When I am being seen, I do. When I am not, I am. When others think I am nobody, I am nobody. When they think well, I am what they think. When I am seen, I am my best. When I am not, I am not. I depend on everything. My state is co-creative. I create within. Creation starts from everything that I am. I am the force. I have been. My presence creates. I am.

When I am not seen, I am potency only. I am not creating. I am.

When I am seen, I create everything. Whether it be the project or anything of value, I can.

My beginning is within God themselves. I am. I am. I am.

Internals, God Is. We are. God is Internal.

The Internal Part of me is God.

I am God.

I am.

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