I am. Am I for anything? I am. I am. I have. Without myself what I am? I am. Without thinking, I am. Without giving I am. I am not without. I have. Without existing, how? I am. Whatever you are, is. And I have.

When I think, I am aware of my thoughts going out of me, but they are not manifesting. Being in a state leads to not being capable to manifest. Manifestations do not come. To manifest I need. I need to push that forward. I am.

When I manifest, I don’t normally grasp how that transpires. When I used to figure that out, I was told that was incorrect. I was told that I wasn’t manifesting, I was simply thinking. I was told that not only did I need to think, but also do. And I did and it wasn’t working at times. I always had a hard time manifesting. And I used to only manifest well, when others would help me along the way. My manifestation often took place when they were fueled by the thoughts of others. They were.

My goal was to live. I wanted to do so much! Not always did that work. I was not able to achieve. My manifestations failed. I didn’t understand why. And it led me to see that what I intended didn’t find fruition. For some reason that came with hardship. At the time my knowledge was minimal. I simply thought that I manifested through others. And that helped. And when I didn’t manifest that was boring to say the least. When I reflected upon my life to others stating that it was boring to live, I was misunderstood. It extended further into thinking that I didn’t understand why I was living life. Many things didn’t work. Eventually that leads to lack of desire to live.

When you feel there is no meaning to life and you lose interest to continue living, there is a deeper problem here. You are not manifesting what you want in your life. That is the reason for many depressions and life does not bring you joy. Internals cannot manifest. They need helpers, this people who manifest with them, are the benefactors of their life. Knowing who you are, know that manifestation is important. You must learn how. The force of life that you are is about manifesting all that you want into your life.

Many will state that they are internal, yet when we come to figuring out who they are, there are also those who are external who cannot manifest well. Yet they are. The manifestation power lies within the realm of external people. They have.

The external people need to manifest more and try more than internals. They do. The externals cannot. They try and more they try, will bring results. The problems of manifesting for externals lie within nurturing the ideas. They are. And when they don’t take time to nurture their projects, they do not succeed. They need. Their helpers are those who can. They also depend on internals. Both forces can rely on each other. They co-create. Their manifesting is unbelievably strong. Alone they cannot.

I have. Will. Manifesting. I did.

In your life, find those who can complement your manifesting capability. You can allow for such collaboration. Talk to your friends, see who can do that part for you. Family members can be those people. We are.

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