~ Channeled from Master Ataro, Diverse Internal:

I never had had a truly amazing physical appearance. I always looked okay. When I tried to compare myself to others, I saw that stronger people had stronger physical appearances. When you look at appearances, it is an external aspect of our life and I understand that is not my innermost expression. I am the Internal.

Many people believe in appearances, they want to look good, it is what you are met by. Only I don’t look like that. I have peaceful features of the face, I don’t keep normally bad facial expressions. I am at peace. My external expressions are not strong. There is softness about everything. The internal part of who you are does not reveal itself graphically, or expressively. I don’t see my physical self-expression. Physically I am weak. I cannot do physically what others can. And I never possessed physical power.

When I look at myself, I understand that I never will manifest a strong expression into anything physical. When I try to think about what I am, I cannot grasp it. It seems like I don’t have a shape or form. There is a lightness in me about my energies.

I never see myself. I want to see Who I Am.

Who Am I?

I never saw anybody but myself. I always saw everything.

I am everything.

I know that I am not everything that they are. When I am Everything, I am All that They Are.

I never stop at working. I always continue. I never give anything to people that I am. I am not what they think. I give everything that He Is.

My impression of external appearances is usual. They look as what they are. They have everything that they have expressed externally.

I am All that I Am Within.

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