How do you discern if you or people in your life are internal or external? As you know, earlier we identified four people’s types that exist and manifest themselves as Internal and External forces. If you need to refresh this idea, read about two forces of life in this article.

The energetic makeup of the internals has a common theme. Energies don’t show much and don’t protrude outside of the body. These people are softer. Their psychical complexion is weaker, but soul qualities shine the most. Their power is internal. They are about love and care. They tend to carry other people’s burdens. They seem to be responsible for themselves and others. They struggle to support themselves and truly require that from other people. A kind word goes a long way for an internal. Below you can find subtle differences between two types of internals: truly internal and mixed internals.

The externals have normally strong energetic makeups and that is felt by those around them. You can feel the intent, the power, the energy behind their thoughts and speech. The energies always protrude. They are manifestos, they move mountains. They progress. They are the force that is in motion. It is not containable. You cannot sway an external from what they want or need. They are also loving, but self-love is more important to them. They care about themselves and have a good sense of what other people should do with their lives. They manifest and achieve. There are two types that exist, truly external and mixed external. The subtleties are shown in their portraits below.

Energy & Body Makeups

Truly Internals

Truly Internals are people who are internal as incarnate self and as Higher Self. Energetic makeup does not show at all. It might look like they don’t have any energies. Visibly energies collapse into the body of a human. They don’t twirl, they don’t spin, there is basically no sign of them. They are not viewable. Energies of the true internals do not hang around the body and normally they shouldn’t – they simply are not revealed. Their energies will never be revealed in anything from a physical perspective.

Physiology works differently, truly internals normally have weak bodies. True internals also hardly have any health. Their health does not manifest for the reason of them not being of physical, but internal nature. It seems that truly internal women in particular never recover over the years of living life from psychical issues. Even when they do recover, they don’t know how to keep the psychical body healthy. There are cases where truly internals are healthy, but it is rare.

Truly internals may have issues with other people because of the feeling that they are not treated right. They get hurt by people. They keep the upsets unless they know how to handle life.

Diverse Internals

Diverse Internals tend to be weak in physiology also. Often they have health issues as well. Compared to Truly Internals, Diverse Internals actually do show energies. They have a slight protrusion of energies around their body. These people cannot do much themselves, they need help. It is because their Higher Self is external and fully capable, these internals represent the internal state of their Higher Self, and therefore are subdued in their capabilities. If their Higher Self does not want something for them, these internals cannot manifest against the will of their Higher Self.

They also have issues with people, but the nature of problems is different. They hardly like what other people do for them. They have no understanding that they cannot. They do everything for everybody including for themselves. When they receive gifts, normally they don’t like those, and when you give them something good, they think, they don’t need it.

Truly Externals

Truly externals are a kind of people who are highly dynamic. They carry externalized energies. Their energies protrude from the body and often internals report feeling discomfort in their power chakra. Their energies not only protrude but end up in other people’s bodies. It seems that boundaries don’t work with these people at least at the levels of energy. What their energetic charge is, you will acquire if you are internal. Their energetic makeup is strong. They enjoy good health.

Their mental capacities are great. Truly externals are capable to solve problems. They do a lot. And their manifestation power is rooted in doing. They owe to nobody. They always try to understand things, and they believe they know things to the letter, and they can give step by step instructions on how to achieve things for others. What is difficult to others to grasp and understand, is not an issue for a truly external. Everything is easy and self-explanatory. The downside of doing too much here is the lack of focus which in the end blocks their manifesting power.

Diverse Externals

Energetically mixed externals also protrude, their energies are strong. They manifest energetically their will. Their Higher Selves are internal and caring, and this is probably the best combination existing, given that Internal Higher Self is truly caring and loving and gives to their incarnate-self everything they need to succeed. Their energetic makeup is strong. The difference from the previous type is about their soul qualities. They share the love and care about those around them more willingly. And even though they don’t take responsibility for other people, they teach those around them and watch over them.

Their energies always protrude, and there is nothing bad about that. The discomfort for internals near mixed externals normally should not be, unless these externals are misaligned. Diverse Externals are very capable, but they don’t have much energy to manifest for other people. They do things for others but just enough.

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