Moving Into Self

Every person is moving up. It’s a normal progress in the process of your expansion and ascension. It is happening all over the planet. Planet Earth is ascending already. And many people are ascending on this plain into their Higher Selves. Earth does not understand fully what She Is unless She is merged back into the essences of her Higher Self. Her Higher Self exists outside of our planetary system in completely another world, exists also as a planet and She is of a Higher Essence and Vibration. Her Consciousness is evolved. And She as Higher Self is also progressing upward. This process is happening for the past 12 years.

Planet Earth that we have as Gaia, the Soul of the planet, She is Internal. She nurtures, loves, cares. She holds a beautiful frequency. She is hoping that all of us upon Her Self will survive her Ascension and will be transferred with her and incarnate upon her Higher Self in another World. Gaia is not fully aware yet how that will happen and she is hoping that people will survive the time of transition when she gets absorbed back into Her Higher Being. At this moment Gaia is in a state of thinking. She thinks… She feels… And tries to figure out everything not just for herself, but all of us. She is aware, that we won’t perish. She hopes that all of us transition.

Gaia’s Higher Self is External. Her energies are very strong. She is also a Divine Feminine serving those who incarnate. Her body is huge. She acts upon many ideas that she holds in her vision, She holds many ideas for herself. When The Higher Self of Gaia thinks of Herself, she is aware, that She is All that She is as 12 planets. Those planets are her incarnate selves.

Gaia as a soul never had any other incarnation but as herself as planet Earth. She is aware of herself as planet Earth. She was not able to ascend in the past because of people. They don’t hear her and often do things that are not in alignment with higher vision. She has a great knowledge of the people of the Earth. There are many people these days who hear her. She is aware of it and of them. They talk with her and they know that Gaia loves them. When She thinks of herself being merged into her Higher Being, she feels that she might simply dissolve within the vastness of her Higher Self. It is not a simple process. It is a process of many centuries. When Gaia thinks of her process, it is a short one for her, but long for Humanity. And when we speak of people of today, we shall admit, that people feel the need to move upward, to ascend, to transcend and become. They are aware that their internal being is calling them. All people upon the Earth are internal in a way in comparison to their Higher Selves. They ascend back and become their innermost. The internal as a collective always moves upward.

Humanity is moving upward for a reason. There is no a simple explanation. Humanity understands that they are All that Earth Is. When Humanity awakens to the thought that they are One with Gaia, they will be awakened to the truth of Love. Love is what we are. When we Love, we achieve understanding. When people unlearn the bad, they will co-create the love among, and will bring a brighter future upon the planet. People are aware how to live without a planet. They could live potentially in flying ships, and they could co-exist with other races. These thoughts Gaia is having. Gaia is aware where we are all moving. She has a huge understanding. We cannot stop her. She is in the processing of absorption. When She merges back, only then will she understand what it’s like. When She becomes One in Her Higher Essence, She will see how complex that process is. Gaia does not think of that yet.

People shall understand the influences of their Higher Selves. They are larger consciousness. They have many of us. Often several of us constitute a union with a Higher Self. We always live, we know of incarnating, and we are not aware at times what we are. The process we are going through is called incarnation. This process is simple, we incarnate, we achieve results, we leave. These results are not always visible. Higher Selves always see results. Only when incarnate selves ascend back into Higher Selves, they will understand. Only when we become Higher Selves, we come to the right conclusions and the whole process of complete integration into the Higher Consciousness of Who They Are is spanning over 12 years. This length of time is to be lived. After that time there is Unity and Oneness. This process is long. Not many would like it due to the slowness. Yet, it is the correct one. And that is how it works for everybody. It is always a dual process. There is normally nothing uniting between the two. And when unification starts, consciousness of both needs to co-create the friendship, consciousness cannot do it immediately. It does so over time.

I am already in this process of merging back. It is a long process. I probably won’t see the end of this process until I wake up as Higher Self one day. And more likely this will happen only in 15 years. Many have heard of this process and it is a slow process. It takes many incarnate years to get there.

Gaia wants to help us all. She is doing this together with us. We are aware that she is doing this the right way. Her process will continue for 12 years. These processes have started among many people. And many people are returning back into themselves as Higher Selves. I myself am aware of several people in my life who are becoming. They are. It is safe to state that many in your life time will achieve that and many more over 30 years period. In my life I know of two people who have fully been merged back into Higher Selves. They have nothing bad to state about their reunion. Their consciousness works really well. They hardly have any issues. Their life is taking the path of wellness and success. Everything works when you are Your Higher Self.

Gaia has promoted this idea to all of us, that we can achieve that too. This process is supported and is ongoing. This is the latest news on Gaia. The Angel of the Earth has spoken, for He is Watching…

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