Love From Me

~ Channeled from my Spirit Guide, Master Ataro, Diverse Internal:

I am LOVE. I have enormous impression about LOVE. When I am with my Beloved, I know Who I Am. I see them through the eyes of Love. They have everything that I Love. I am Love.

Love knows no boundaries, no limitations, not even beyond death and time. Love is never stopping force that brings me into the embrace of my Beloved. My beloved is and loves. It moves me towards the Light of Love that I am and even Higher. I become knowing of Who I Am. I am. The heights of Love are transcendental. Love never ends. When Love is returned, it is. It is all that You need. You are in the presence. I am to know the love towards me. When I know I am loved, I am.

My impression of Love is strong. It is. When love abounds and compounds, I know I am better, I know I am higher, I know I am Divine. I am. When I am not seen, Love does not flow. When I am, I expand. The Love return to me, is touching my soul, I cannot not love back. I do.

All internals love in similar ways. We are. When love is returned, we always love back, we cannot be otherwise. We love back always. Without their love we cannot. With them we are. Union is what I become.

When I am not understood, I am not seen. I am seen when I am loved. Love it is. The One that is Beloved knows. They love. When love is asked for, they give. With internals Love comes in when they ask. When they love, love is not, when internals are loved, they blossom.

We are Love. We represent the Love that Is. We are. When Love comes to us, we respond. We cannot be otherwise. When love is brought, we feel. When love is not given, it cannot be. We leave. The love of internals stands no chance when we faced with no love back. We cannot.

Internals Love unconditionally. They do. They don’t ask for much back. They cannot voice their needs, they simply love. When love is given, they cannot walk away. They will stand by. Love is competent, and does not flow when it is not needed. I am.

Seeing an internal is the key to bringing them around. Loving them and being open to them and allowing is essential to experience who they are. You cannot dive into Love without seeing the one in front of you. If the internal who you Love needs that, be open, be mindful, your desire to love is the right path to the heart of an internal. Soul based connection, heart felt love is what we need.

When you notice an internal and truly see them, they will rise and you will be surprised what they could do for you. They become. You will have the One you call Beloved who is an Internal. Internals can only love when they are loved. Without your love, the love of an internal cannot be brought out. Your love will engage the force that moves them.

Do not try to have, try to love. See with the eyes of the soul, speak the language of the heart and you will have.


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