Those people who ever had me there for them, had themselves. They were. I have seen people thrive and achieve by merely aligning to being next to me. As an internal that I am, I nurture those who come to me. I nurture their ideas, their projects, their wellbeing, I co-create and fulfill their hearts’ desires.

As an Internal, when I have just me, it feels like I have almost nothing. I cannot seemingly view my own value and success. When I have, I don’t. When others see what I have, I feel.

Those who come to me, often ask, how is it so that you have everything. And it makes me wonder. It is obvious to them that I have. Per my understanding, I hardly have anything, and I don’t even know how to manifest what I need so that I could enjoy it and keep it for myself. To be honest, all that I have, actually everybody has, and I cannot state that I have more than others. People around me think that I have plenty, only it is not so. It is only their vision. When I don’t see it for myself, how is it so, that I could have?

This is the knowing that internals hold within, and if you are an internal, that’s what you might be experiencing. The illusion of having and not having at all. The truth is, internals feel complete onto themselves. There is nothing they need from outside of themselves. They are. When you add anything extra, it feels like it’s too much and not needed. Gifting to internals is hard, for they don’t seem to appreciate the value of having external things. Because of that, when I had, I could never see that. That’s how story goes for internals.

The internals hold their state. They are beings that are in a state of Love. They are complete, they are eternal and internal. Everything else that is outside of them is the illusion. When internals have things, they don’t value those as much as externals. Internals can give away things as easily as they are receiving those. The turnover of incoming and outgoing things is a normal flow in their life. And often, internals might just have enough, and not more. They seem to be okay with what they have. If at any time an internal has anything at all, it is through others who insist on that, who brings things to them. Internals are nurtures, if they do acquire things, large properties and big buys, they do it for those they love. That’s the reason to acquire. For internals what others have through them, holds true value.

Therefore, for any internal who wants to accumulate wealth, money, belongings and such, remember the formula of success. You need to give to those around you, your close family members, your children, your parents, your dear friends, and those people who always give back. When you are balanced in your giving and receiving, you receive through those around you and you also have. That’s how the value of external having is raised and brought into vision.

What I have in my life today, it is because of those who I love. They were my inspiration at giving. When I thought of them and created, I kept. When I cared about their needs, I cared for myself. These people are my family, and my true friends. They enjoyed my giving. They gave back, they lived with me, they co-created my having.

When you have the right idea and know how this works for you as an internal, you can co-create your having. It means that your goals should go high. Align to oneness with those you love, get things for them, don’t be scared of that. It is okay to create for your family, for example. It ends up being for you and your life. It manifests as having.

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