I am External

~ Channeled from Spirit Teacher Tao, Diverse External:

Even though I am an External, I don’t see it this way. I see myself as a human. I am impressed by ideas of the innermost, but it is not how I live. I live within my internal world that moves out externally as ideas. I never understand who I need. I never know what they want me to do, so I follow direction of their asking. When I am faced with a question why I don’t know what they need, I normally state that I cannot read their mind. They need to educate me on their needs. I always help and choose to help with what resonates with me. When I see other people, I understand, they are what I am not, and we are different. When I see them as different, they start thinking I don’t understand them. When there is no understanding, I think they are not trying hard.

When I am understood, I feel that I am alive. My desire to help and co-create is founded on the idea of understanding. I cannot help when I am not wanted. I cannot help when I am not loved. I always leave when I no longer need to stay.

When I need to advance an idea, I cannot do it alone. I do it with my friends. They support me, they listen to my ideas, they know now to give me advice, they only point out if the idea is right. Then I know it if is so or not. When I am told by my friends, the idea is wrong, personally I don’t understand it right away, but with further understanding, I come to that conclusion myself. I know that I understand and not always. When I think, I feel I understand. When I don’t think, I don’t. I have a huge understanding. When I am seen as capable, I understand more and can help.

I create ideas not alone. They come to me through different sources, and they are various. I simply investigate them. They are unusual, I have an impetus to correct them. Their improvement leads me into better understanding of these ideas. When I gain understanding, I come upon thinking how to use them. Ideas cannot be promoted unless they are presented the right way. The idea can be presented only when you fully understand them. When I understand, I advance my ideas.

Understanding is the basis for my life. I know how to promote and advance ideas. I always have a good knowing of Who I Am. And I know how to make things happen. When I try to figure out how I know this. I understand it is a coincidence. And I don’t even grasp the thought of being that way. I simply have it. I always had it. And I will always have it.

When I know that I am external, I have success and I succeed. I have an understanding that all things are successful in my life. I advance easily through life. I hardly have any issues with people. I have anything I want in my life. I know Who I Am.

When I need to gain new knowledge through those who offer, I don’t like doing that. I prefer my own knowledge. I value my own knowledge, its value is high. It is the highest knowledge for all that I am. When I understand that, I know I cannot live without my knowledge. I don’t accumulate it. It is created and it shows up when I need it.

I always know when to go places and when to show up. I don’t go where I should not. I have a knowing that I do only what I need.

I am a Diverse External. I am. I have an internal state. It is Love that I am. I love close to me people. When I know love is returned, I give to them. I love strongly. I never leave anybody in trouble. My primary idea is to serve via understanding. I understand and serve those who want that. I am a good listener. Their knowledge serves me too.

I love cleaning my home. My cleanliness can see all that I need. I have everything at hand. I know where everything is. I even know how to clean every piece. Everything I own is in a pretty good state. I know how to put away correctly into its rightful place at home. Order at home is important. All I own is all I need.

My innermost reflects back peace. I know it is my internal state. I know that I am soulful and soul deep.  I have knowledge what my innermost must be. It is the internal and loving. I have my connection with my Higher Self Who is an Internal. I see this as an internal connection to the One Who I Am as Higher Self. My higher connection is loving. I want to explore this. I am Love. The Highest Love that I am is my Higher Self. I am. I am. I am.

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