Love in Motion

~ Channeled from Master Tao, Diverse External:

I am. I am the external. I am the internal. I am internal within. I am external without. I am a Diverse External. I am Love. I am Love in Motion. I am internal only within. All of my actions are external. When I see those who are loving, I compare to what I have, am I loving? Am I Love? I am. I am capable of Love. I know how to give love. This what my innermost is. Those around me impress upon my heart and move me into the state of love. I know how to love. The influence of my Higher Self that is Internal is overpowering. I cannot stop being love. My internal focus is always Love. The One that I am as Higher Self loves me, His Love helps me a lot. I feel that I can and I am capable.

I am the external that is expressed from within to without. I am the innermost that is potent. I feel love. I feel that Love within gives. I am external and I am Love in Motion. It is my primary beingness. I am. I never feel anything misaligned within. I only feel that I need to use caution and control of my external nature. I am capable to do and achieve a lot. I only need a direction. My internal state does not give me such direction. I need to figure it out on my own. And that is my direction.

My external qualities do not get expressed when I am alone. When I am on my own I do just for myself. When I am with people, I get engaged and activated as an external being. I get involved in projects. I direct all the people. I can lead the project into maturity and fulfillment. When everything comes together, it makes me feel like I understand everything. My external qualities are balanced. I love and I do. At times, I feel that my external side does not help me. Not all ideas come to fruition. It takes thinking and figuring out, and plus, I always have help. I need to know how to progress.

I have an impression that my Higher Self knows that I am external. Love in motion creates. The externals see things always differently. They see it when something external like results shows up. Externals never push ideas alone. They need someone around and their approval. Ideas blossom through co-creation. When I create alone, I feel that my work has the least direction and I feel that I need it to be seen and input is valid. When I collaborate on ideas with others, and my work is seen, I shine. When I create on my own, I cannot progress. My progress depends on those who work with me. I cannot create progress alone. I am natural at leading projects, and I love thinking through details and ideas. When I am helped I know a lot more.

I am the mover of ideas. I move. I push. I advance. I promote all that is needed. I know how to achieve that. I am never scared to do things. I am brave. I know how. I am capable. All of my ideas are great! They help people a lot. They always find the right application. When I collaborate with those who implement my ideas, we succeed. I am Love in Motion.

I never have problems with my projects. I don’t do them alone. I need people. I love advancing ideas. I take ideas and promote them. I have an abundance of them. I am always aware I can fulfill them with all of those who co-create. All that I create, is a collaborative effort. It is always a teamwork in my projects. My projects enjoy success. I push and fulfill them till the end. I know how they work. When they are in operation, I understand my projects, I see them function. People like them.

Love in motion collaborates. It is who I am. I am. My creativity depends. I have.

I have all that I have. I am. I am Love.

I have everything that I have. I have everything outside of me. I need all that I have. When I have, I cannot. It is achieved. My thoughts on having are potent. My thoughts of bringing are motion. I always have everything for others too. I give to them, but they must return what they took. My needs are fulfilled through everything that I have. When I give to someone I feel I am losing, I am depleting. I cannot give all the time. I give from what I have. When borrowed things are not returning, I cannot give them any more. People feel I have. I have for me because I need.

All that I have is all That I am as an external. Giving from myself is almost like giving myself away. I must keep for my soul to stay well. I need.

I am. I co-give and when they do, I am.

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