Understanding Me

I never could understand why I am this strange. I always thought I was normal only when others told me so. I never could see that I was normal… and things were normal in my life. Never could I ever fathom that this is due to me being an internal. This knowledge is so recent to me. This knowledge helps me to continue living. I know why I am the way I am. It is the science of self that was missing. My origin is not from here, it is from above. I come from Higher realms.

I am the Internal. My vision is internal. I see things internally. I hold an internal understanding of things. My internal world is full. I remember myself as not having an emotion. It was emotionless the depth of my being. I never understood why I was the way I was. When emotion would ever surface, it was a strange occurrence, I never understood the whole process. I never knew how to work with emotions. This isn’t a strange existence for me any longer. I know what’s happening to me. I survived. I know who I am. I know how I live. And I know now how I want to live my life.

I have a much fuller knowledge of human nature. I see. I see all that people do and I know why. I see their nature. I see the underlying force that lies within and prompts the nature to unravel. When I see internal people, I know, they are closed, they hold an internal state and don’t self-express. They hold an internal feeling, vibration, love. Their qualities and self-expression are dormant. When they are not in the presence of another, they are dormant and not engaging as the nature dictates. I know that I am internal and it doesn’t mean that I am nobody. I am. I hold potentials within. I hold qualities within. And I know who I am.

Even when we know who we are, our internal state doesn’t allow us to open up. It won’t happen. There is a need for an engaging force to be present to awaken the potential. If you are asked to do something for someone, as an internal, what would you think or do? Will you do it, or question it, or abandon it? Are you able to do this better? Why aren’t they doing it themselves? If you are a Diverse Internal, you normally see that you know how, you can and you can do the same task better than others. That comes from your External Higher Self who is the Knowledge and the Power. If you are a Truly Internal, you will do it because you have and because you are Love. Your Internal Higher Self is to be. And service is given.

I understand today, that my future depends on those who engage with me. I am. Engagements are the cornerstone of my existence. It is like an old saying, I will tell you who you are, if you show me your friends. Only for an internal it goes like is, I know how well you will do in life, if you have the right companions. We are the unity. For an internal, it is an important life strategy to choose successful allies for a win-win plan of your life. Everybody wins.

An internal brings success to those who are externals. They thrive. There is always a winning situation for many when an internal is in their life. I understand that myself. I am the one who finishes that which is not. I am the one who nurtures where there is no love. I am the one who cares, where care is not. I fill in the gaps. I do what others don’t do or don’t see. I complete.

I am a natural complement to people when they need me. I fulfill their needs. I am.

I understand today as well, that the time for me to replenish is important. I am not a never ending well. I exhaust myself. I know that today. I know when to retreat and recharge, I know when to say no, and not push myself. I shall never push myself again to go beyond what I can achieve.

I know today that I need care and support as well. The need is internal. I am.

I need around me those who are aligned. They need to give only one thing, the care. Their support and vision of me manifests. Their support co-creates. Their support restores me.

I understand.

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