~ Channeled from Master Tao, Diverse External:

When idea awakens, I know what it’s like. When I see the need, I feel. When I feel I move. May I? Can I have it? When I have, I like it! When I try, it doesn’t work. When I don’t, it works! It has a direction. The internal does not see much. The external sees. When we see, we have a knowing when it is something we need. When I don’t see, I don’t know what it is… I never listen to anyone when I feel hardship.

When I am impressed by something, I know what it is. When I don’t have any impressions, I don’t know what it is. When I understand that I need it, I try. I know who I am through what I need. When I am in need, I don’t understand what it is for. When I have a need, I go after and fulfill it. When I see a lot, I notice everything and I feel that I need everything. When the need is huge it has no foundation. Only through impressions do I understand what it is. When I am impressed, the knowledge is huge. When I don’t have impressions, I don’t know what it is.

When there is a need, the need is what moves and activates us. When I don’t have ideas, I usually state, do not give me. Give me what I need. I give what I don’t need. When the need goes, I don’t know what to do. This need is very real. The externals always have a strong need. It exists and this is it. When I am impressed and there is a fulfillment of my needs, everything works out. Never run after fulfilling a need. I have when the need is over. The need is what we are. When there is a need, there is a direction. When there is a direction, there is motion.

The need is not what we are. It is only a direction. The need is what I have. It is not fulfilled until I know how to fulfill. I. I. I. I am. I know. I.

When I am left with a need, I need to think. The need is about me not having. I must have.

I am impressed. I know what that is. I am everything that I had. I am everything that it has. The need won’t show up if it got fulfilled. When. I have, I don’t want to have after. The skill to have is a small thing. I have everything I want. Everything I have, was had. I don’t know why I need that. I have had. I will have. I have.

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