Impossible Misalignments

Impossible misalignments exist, they come from the levels of Higher Self…  When your Higher Selves are experiencing their own difficult struggles, it is best not to go into an incarnation. Your incarnation might not work. You might feel like one area of your life is always suffering, and there isn’t support, help, understanding, nor success consistently and the impact of those influences is beyond normal to the degree of impossibility. These strong signs show that your own Higher Self is experiencing a misalignment or “desert time”. In a way, it is a wrong statement for they are perfect and their lives are full. There are no misalignments so to speak. Yet, there are times when their lives have an area which is not working out also.

The timeline for Higher Selves is different. It is the years that are slower in comparison to spirit years or years in the incarnation. Smaller consciousness like ours has a faster pace of life and faster growth. If a Higher Self is experiencing an issue for two years of their life, in incarnation it might be that you as part of them will have a stagnant period for 4-5 years. I have known someone’s Higher Self who had dealt with an issue for around forty years which concerned their personal life. That’s tough! It means that none of the incarnate selves under Him could succeed in the same area of their life.

The parallels truly exist and they manifest simultaneously. It is hard to understand and identify such times. You need to be in tune and communication with your Higher Self to actually know when there is a problem. Their belief systems, Their life events can manifest struggle areas. Knowing struggle areas of your Higher Self, you will know your own. There is a variety of misalignments that as a result, an incarnate self might go through. These influences are quite strong.

During the desert time of your Higher Self, a particular area of your life will not work. It is a direct projection of experiences and beliefs of your own Higher Self. It is not the fault of your Higher Self, nor yours. It is simply that you are in sync with your Higher Self when they are struggling. If your Higher Self lost love and feels not able to move on for a long long time, you might experience that intimate relationships don’t manifest and don’t work at all. You will experience a loss of love or a lack of for a while, just because your Higher Self did not recover from that event. That’s the synchronous experiencing.

Such events are not of the positive nature. They are hard for Higher Selves, and even more so for their incarnate selves. It can translate into a total disaster for an incarnate spirit. There is usually a lot of misunderstanding about why your life is not working. There is also ongoing consistency in the negative spin of it. There is also a feeling you can never get out of trouble. No matter what you do, what you try, no matter where you go, help is hardly coming, support is not there, and moreover, there are always dead ends and solutions are not possible. Many people normally try their best, and they go and look for solutions and they always hit the wall. Have you ever experienced stuff like that? Know that it is possibly not you, maybe it is about what’s going on with your Higher Self.

Another possible misalignment could come in is when your Higher Self is not happy about what you do with your life. When They try to tell you how to avoid troubles, and you don’t hear them. They want to change things for the better, but that change might become your block. And no matter how much you want to go in the usual direction, you simply will fail. The Will of Higher Selves is higher and will override the free will of incarnate selves.

Even though our will is called “Free Will”, we are not free from other influences. It is much better to have a  Divine Will because Divine alignment manifests better. Profound manifestations happen when everything is in alignment.  Free will only co-creates well when all other participating Wills agree, or simply don’t mind. Co-creation is truly the concept here. Uniting your Free Will with the Will of your Higher Self can yield the right outcome. When there is a clash of wills, the manifesting will not entail.

When your Higher Self is not happy with your performance in life, they might spill very innocent thoughts when they look at you and your life. It might as simple as “I don’t represent anything special in this incarnation.” Suddenly your life will take a dangerous turn. You will find that people don’t listen to you, your opinions don’t matter, you are nobody to quite a few, and you don’t know why you even live your life. That thought could be so detrimental when projected through higher levels, that you might end up in the worst state of being in your incarnation. The thought of a Higher Self is the Word of God that manifests. The manifestation power of Higher Selves is well known.

The worst case scenario is when your Higher Self does not want you for whatever reason or even worse, drops you. I don’t want to scare anyone here, if you have had amazing experiences with your Higher Self, it is wonderful and shall be cherished. I am writing about misalignments here because it happens and it happened to me. I am voicing this truth to bring direction to those few that might need my knowledge at this time. I am here to help people to improve their lives, to be empowered no matter what, and to be capable to change their destinies for the better. I know that the majority of people will never experience such strange issues, and I am glad! It is rare that such a thing could even possibly occur, but I have seen such cases and those few were not even aware, they only knew that something always was wrong. I have assisted such people.

When you are not wanted by your Higher Self, nobody will ever want you, everybody becomes the willer of your life. Your will gets fully overridden by anyone who wants you. And I mean anyone, including the dark force. When this happens and there is no way out, know that your Higher Self abandoned you in some strong way. And the worst comes to worst, you might have been disconnected from your Higher Self.

Not every Higher Self is aligned, and not every Higher Self receives an incarnate self that is theirs. The souls of incarnate selves come from the levels of the Soul which is two levels above you. Higher Self of Selves who is considered a Divine Male is holding the level between our direct Higher Selves and the Soul. You are coming down into a Higher Self from Genderless Consciousness of the Soul. Higher Self is a mere conduit of the same consciousness into Himself/Herself. The soul that is coming in to be incarnated through a particular Higher Self has never been a part of this Higher Self. It is only the soul that they hold, is the same. When a spirit is born, a Higher Self gifts their new incarnate self with the qualities that will help them to evolve. From that moment on, the incarnate-self becomes connected to a Higher Self through a silver cord. It is a cord extending into the body of a Higher Self. That is the way. And when this connection creates itself, the consciousness of the soul aligns. Incarnate-self finds himself/herself over time more and more aligned and similar to the Higher Self that received them.

Sometimes, a Higher Self feels that the incarnate soul is not what They Are. That is highly probable and had happened. When a Higher Self feels they are not their incarnate self, it is a signal, the truth is there. This happened to me. When an incarnate soul is under such a Higher Self who does not see themselves as their incarnate self, there is a detrimental influence. Such a soul cannot thrive in incarnations, it cannot survive, and it also can have abrupt deaths. Life does not respond to them positively.

The failure to co-exist with the Higher Self that is not aligned to you, can be resolved. New connections do get established on their own, including through your intent, when an incarnate soul feels they don’t belong with the current Higher Self. Simply a new connection is formed by a person who is seeking. Who am I as my Higher Self? It is obvious, there is a lack of unity between my soul and the current Higher Self. This connection is not helping but hurting my life.  I want to find my true Higher Self. Such questions and thoughts can lead you to establish yourself within the Higher Self that is truly yours.

This is my case. I never figured out for the past few incarnations that my former Higher Self never wanted me. Apparently, She thought for so long that She was not me, that my current life was becoming impossible. The Diverse Internal that I was, is the hardest combination of all. The External Higher Self does not resonate with the Internal incarnate self. That is the truth. This combination is not the best and dissonance showed up. External Higher Selves represent external power. Asking for help used to send my former Higher Self to disconnect from me more and more. She saw me as weak. I was so naive in my expectations. When I found out that She passed me on to some random Higher Self, I did not like that. I felt upset and betrayed. I was in a place of transfer between two Higher Selves, when I decided to take action. It was fortunate that I knew of my levels, and the Higher Self of Selves was known by me personally as well as the Soul. I knew my Divine lineage well. I started seeking and found through my Divine connection my true Higher Self. It was an immediate resonance. I connected to Her, and never was rejected. She saw me as Her, and I saw Her as me. There was highest degree of similarity.  She turned out to be an Internal Higher Self, and I was an internal myself. I became Truly Internal.

I want to expand on this subject a little more. When disconnect happens from a Higher Self that rejects, an incarnate soul actually might feel a lot better, there is a feeling of relief. For three days a person might feel disoriented. But when you apply all of your Divine knowledge, you can fix that. The detrimental energetic influence subsides, and you form a new connection almost immediately through your intent. You can also ask Angelic realms and Divine beings to assist and help you find You at the level of Higher Selves. Know that detrimental influence can still continue from a former Higher Self, if they think unwell. Ask your new Higher Self to remove that influence. If you have a similar case like mine, and are seeking your True Higher Self, you are welcome to use this technique. Find You if you have to. Seek You if you have to. Ask the Divine. You are. You exist. You belong. There is a place for you. There is a life for you. There is a meaning to Who You Are.

If ever you ever get completely disconnected, it can be your fault too. It is not because Higher Self is misaligned. It is you who is. There are people who prefer negative way of being. There are people who go down the dark path. I have seen a young woman who does black magic. I have seen the effects of that magic on my family. I learnt that she got disconnected from her Higher Self fifteen lifetimes ago. She did black magic then too. Her Higher Self simply annulled the connection.

There is a Universal Law of Growth. Every soul ever manifesting and incarnating must grow. If this law is not fulfilled, a Higher Self can reject an incarnate being. A Higher Self can also reject and disconnect an incarnate being from Themselves for reasons of not hearing if it is constant and ongoing. It is the truth, it is possible, it is to enlighten you about the nature of things.

This knowledge is here to help you navigate your life in awareness, and knowledge is power. It is not to scare, but to enlighten. Know that alignment is the key to success. Alignment with your Higher Self is a success. Be aware of the influence of your Higher Self on your life. It ripples. And your life will be affected. Check in with your Higher Self where they are in their life, so that you know what to expect of yours.

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