External Dynamic Force

The more I think about external force, the more I understand, there would be no motion towards life exploration in its entirety as it exists today. The internal force is potent and creative, it needs propulsion. That is what the external force is. It is dynamic and moving. It is the force that makes a lot of things happen. It is the force that won’t let you stand still. It is the force that activates the internal force.

I know that it is essential to have external qualities or at least have someone in your life who is external. They know how to manifest. They know how to be empowered. They co-create a powerful union with internals and it can be a very productive relationship.

External element present in people moves them to achieve, to thrive, to do better in life, to win and succeed. It is a competitive force that pushes for progress. It is a force that brings about external Ascension in energies and an upward merge with the Divine. Notice that internal Ascension is rather an Ascension of the Heart, and you are rather looking within and not without.

The positives of the external force are numerous. This force brings people together, when the internal force is like glue, it keeps people together. The love between two people happens through this external force. It moves to seek and find each other. It engages the two.

The external force is about desires that seek fulfillment. And even though so many spiritual paths deny desires, the life would not be happening without desires existing. God must explore until no more is desired!

There would be no experience nor incarnation, nor co-creation nor engagement without external force. It must exist to drive the progress of the Universe. God and Universe are internal and eternal. Potency is there, but co-creation comes in when the external force moves.

The dance of yet another duality is presented to us which aligns two forces to engage and co-create. That’s what they are for. They are not the same as male and female forces. The difference is in energies and how they get expressed though engaging with each other. These forces make life happen, they do. The engagement is of any type, whether it be romantic, or a business, or a project, or family relationships. The gender forces are only a variation of what external and internal forces are. In a way, gender forces to a degree follow the rules of engagement. Yet, only the right combination of internal and external variables within two people will define a success. Now you understand, it is not enough to just be a gender, you need other forces to co-create a connection and engagement.

Like any force, it ranges in its qualities from positive to negative extremes. People with extreme external qualities can be highly ambitious which comes across as arrogance, or selfishness and complete lack of tolerance towards others. The moving force on its extreme also lacks focus on anything in particular which can be a self-defeating characteristic. The positive external force would be about influence on the lives of many or achieving undeniable success, it demonstrates the power of the willful action.

The external force is never stagnant nor peaceful, there is no peace when this force is abound. It is never losing its charge. It is self-focus and pointed. It is a doer’s energy, it is an energy of go-getter.

The external force is about power and empowerment, it is the external kind of power, it can be based on achievement, competitiveness, physical strength, business success, or simple ability to say no or speak your mind. It can be “I am better than you” kind of power, and it does not come across as positive at times, but it is the power that many might fear and can submit to because it has an unbeatable aspect to it.

External people know how to love themselves. They truly know that it is 60%+ doing things for yourself and the rest for others. They know what they want, how they want it, and they are intent on getting what they want. If you are engaging with an external partner, be ready to give them what they want. External people do not tolerate anything or anything less than what they seek. Give them what they want, or you will hear about it from them. They are the ones who know the best how to speak their truth, and mostly they don’t care how their words affect other people.

External people don’t take well no as an answer. If no came, they will look elsewhere. That’s how they are. Need fulfillment is essential for the connection to continue. Without need being fulfilled, there is no need for a connection or relationship. Majority of relationships are need-based and have agendas to a degree. Know that externals have it at the highest, they are all about their needs.

The potentials of engaging with external people are great. It is a very powerful combination of forces if you mix them. A friendship, a business relationship can thrive. It is important to remember that if you allow the externals lead and take charge they will come to you for other things, and trust you with implementation. This concerns the internal force that loves to nurture. Externals are not good at nurturing projects, they are good starters. And the internals are good at fulfilling what external force wants to create.

If it is a friendship or marriage, the external force can be a lot to handle for an internal. Being with them is more likely not going to bring you peace. You will be pushed to new heights of your beingness literally. You will have to deliver and be on top of things. You will have to take care of them and yourself. They lack self-care. The externals have a good eye on what’s not right if it concerns them and they always voice it. Yet you can fully rely on the externals to be a bread-winner and push things to happen. They are fearless. Manifestation is their realm.

The external force is here to lead, to cut through, to engage, to manifest, to see through, to be truthful, to be powerful. If this article resonates, then you are external.

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