How different we are… Internals

When internal people hear externals speak about empowerment, and standing up and speaking up, they cringe. The truth is, internal people are about internal qualities and it is unnatural for them to do all of those external actions. Even when the internals speak up, it does not come naturally, it is an outburst or an explosion. That happens when the internals are pushed to the wall. Internals are very patient people. They are. They can tolerate a lot and take on many burdens. Because of their internal nature, they feel that can they handle it. The potent state of the internals sends out a signal to them and those around, they have. And when something is being had, it’s ready to be given and asked for. Internals often show up as helpers, assistants, good mothers, good fathers, kind people, artists and creative geniuses. They know how to nurture a project and those around them. The nurturing nature of internals is something to be admired. They have it!

If you really need to recuperate next to someone, find an internal. These people take care not just of themselves, but of all those around them. Internals understand self-responsibility very well, and they tend to take on responsibilities for others. Internals though might need to spend time alone. Because of the giving nature, they can feel easily depleted and lacking energy. They feel they need to retreat and hide. Mixed internals are the pinnacle of this storyline. They give and give without reservation and never stop giving only to find themselves without much left for them. Such people end up without owning much of the material in their lives. They normally invested their energies elsewhere, but themselves and depletion is a natural turn of events for them, and their lives will reflect that. This is highly true for Mixed Internals.

Not to deplete, it is essential that these people have similar givers in their lives. That they replenish through the kindness of those around them. That is the key to the success of the way they are. It is also essential to know, that internals like that are not into material needs they are simple and fulfill their needs only when those arise. There is no pressing need to have, to own, or to accumulate wealth. They are wealthy inside through the soul development through the soul qualities, that shine as the true wealth that they acquire during their lives. The only time they accumulate wealth, when there is a true reason, they do it for people they love such as children, parents, partners. That is when the internal people manifest at their best. This is highly true for Mixed Internals.

True internals are the people who do not deplete as easily. Though their life will show some area of depletion. The internal force was born to give. Therefore, to have, they must come up with ways to nurture themselves. It is highly difficult and not natural to nurture oneself as an internal. It is truly a hard work, to be self-loving that way. In facts, internals to not understand what self-love is! And they work really hard to say No to others on their time and on their giving.

The potentials to create and nurture something to fruition is at its best here. Internals are Creators. They love Creation and they are the Creation itself. They have the process, they have the means, they have. The potent nature is ready to give birth. It is brooding with ideas and potentials. Any ripple of the thought is creative and leads to a creative process. Many artists come from internals. Without internals, projects would never be finished. We need them to make sure things are done and properly implemented. This force is patient, pregnant, loving, and nurturing. If you want a good parent, they should be internals. These people know how!

The focus of internals is Creation. Often they are not the leaders but 2d in command (true for Mixed Internals) fulfilling the prophecy of being helpful. What suits Truly Internals is self-employment, because they are complete unto themselves. There is a deep, rich internal world but they need a reflection back. Only people outside of them give internals a shape and a form with how they see the internals. Internals don’t have a form within, they are simply present. It is hard to draw a self-portrait for an internal. They often cannot see themselves. That being said, misconceptions arise a lot for Truly Internals in particular, on what they are. People assign to them qualities that they don’t have.

Truly internals often cannot come out of themselves and reveal who they are. They simply don’t reveal themselves to those around them. They don’t come out. It takes a long time to get to know them and define their qualities.

Internals are peaceful people, they radiate peace. They radiate comfort. It is comfortable to be next to them. You will feel replenished. They truly nurture not only through the way they are but also through their energies. It is the potency of their beingness that gives no matter what.

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