The Game of Giving & Receiving

These few days were eye-opening for me as a researcher of the topic on external and internal people. In my life I have several very dear friends, a Truly External, a Diverse Internal, a Diverse External, and me now, becoming Truly Internal.

This is the cornerstone of Creation that God perceived for the purpose of relating, co-creation, playing, and interacting. The external force is such, it moves. Without an external element, relationships have less excitement. Yet, the external force is something to be understood as it is not our true nature as we ascend into Higher Realms. God is Internal. The division into External and Internal beings happens at the levels of us – incarnate selves, and Higher selves – one level above. These are the only two levels that play the game of duality for reasons of interactivity. External force creates the necessary pull for interaction between individuals to be drawn to each other to learn lessons and grow, and for self-achievement.

I have been through quite a difficult time for the past three days. I will not go into the nature of my problem. I’d simply say that I was handling something beyond my capacity. So I asked my truly external friend for help. Her resistance was obvious. She turned it around and gave me something I didn’t ask nor need. When I asked why she said that she felt it was exactly what I needed. Hypothetically speaking, when you are being in the worst type of assault and you manage just to text your friend asking for help, wouldn’t you expect them to call the police to save your life? What if your friend instead of police sent you a nice card by mail instead? Would that actually help you while you are getting killed? That’s how I felt. I was not understanding why my friend was absolutely ignorant of my emergency situation. In my worst time, she was fully ignoring my need. So, I let it go. The next day came, she was more willing to help, so she did, without me asking. She offered her own solution related to my problem. The third day came, she asked how I was, I said, I still needed help. So, I asked for the same what I asked for three days ago. Even though for her it was a two-minute task to do, she refused. I was hurt. Why wouldn’t she respond to my exact asking? Wasn’t she, after all, my close friend? Why not?

Now as I reflect back, my own husband who passed away was a Diverse External. When I was dealing with health issues, he never responded with kindness. He simply resented the fact that he had to look after me. The most he could do was three days in a row. Afterward, he simply ignored me being in bed completely losing interest. Asking for help was like pulling hair out of my head. He rarely gave me what I asked for. He always gave me something I didn’t need. And he gave me what I wanted when I didn’t care and time passed. What was that about? This attitude of giving but not giving??? So, they control the giving

If I go further into my history. Now that I know what took place in my Higher Realm, I had an External Higher Self in the past. She was exactly that. Hardly giving. She only was concerned with herself, and her own life to the degree that she neglected me, and stopped helping for several incarnations. It developed further into her realizing that having incarnate selves was a burden, she needed more time for herself… So she left, and abandoned me, sick and struggling with my life.

This all made sense today. I realized the biggest truth about externals. They DO NOT HAVE.


We the Internals are truly blessed. We represent that part of God that has. Internals don’t have many external needs. Truly internals will always feel that they have. They feel potent, self-sufficient. Their creation is on the roll. They always produce and manifest by simply being. They don’t need to do much. Their need is internal. They have everything within.

Now if we look at externals, they never have, they are on the road of accumulation of whatever that can be through their life purpose. They are highly driven individuals. They are all about achievements, power, moving on, getting their needs met and looking and looking and looking. They don’t look within. Everything is around them. It just needs to be tapped into. That’s the approach.

For my friend who said no. She refused by saying “You can do it! You know how!”. And I didn’t understand why someone who had it all to be able to help me, yet she would not respond to the plea. I understand now. She does not have! It is the truth.

Externals are amazing people. They are teachers. They are not good at deep connectedness where people intertwine into love. That only happens to the internals. The depth of connection is possible only for those who carry the internal element. And those are truly internals, Diverse Internals, and Diverse Externals. All of these types respectively connect. The best depth of love and connection is possible for true internals, they merge. Diverse Internals they love and give and often subsidize those who do not have. The Diverse Externals know better, the love and connect and care, but they don’t forget themselves. They know self-love. And truly externals are self-centered, they are the extreme type of self-focus, self-care, and self-love.

There is nothing wrong with all of that, nobody is better or worse. After all, we all become God and become internal. The duality of two forces brings us to play the game of giving and receiving where receiving is only for those who are external, and the giving is done by internals. And the game is played when you agree.

To my friend I have it, I should be able to fix my own problem. My apparent need for help was not apparent to her. I represent the giving that she receives. If I am not in the state of giving, my external friends can never respond with mutuality. They simply can’t. These individuals believe in you fixing you, you needing to be self-caring, and taking care of your own problems, and your own self-responsibility and they don’t believe in being burdened by someone else’s problems. If you ask them for help, be ready to hear a talk on what you are doing wrong and why you are not taking responsibility for yourself.

That’s not how internals view things. They view relationships as the unity where you help each other, you know better for your friend sometimes than they are. You know how to solve their problems, and your friends more likely will see how to solve yours. And that is how it works for me with other two friends: my Diverse External and my Diverse Internal friends. They both called me without me ever asking for help, offering it themselves. They value relationships and they know what relationships are for.

Only the internal element within beings will respond to unity, mutuality, giving, helping. They don’t give when they are depleted.

Formulas of Having

There are four formulas that these four types live by when it comes to giving and receiving. “I don’t have”, “I don’t have enough”, “I have to give”, and “I have”. And here is how they map to four types:

  • I don’t have – Truly Externals
  • I don’t have enough – Diverse Externals
  • I have to give – Diverse Internals
  • I have – Truly Internals

The richest, wealthiest type is Truly Internals. They have and they are potent. And it is not that they have, it’s a perception, that exists as an attunement of their energies, in their consciousness. They reflect the nature of potent creation. They are Love.

The kindest type is Diverse Internals. Their higher selves are Externals, yet the incarnate selves are externalizing what they are by giving and giving and giving. Even if it leads them to complete depletion. That’s their nature. They are Love in Action.

The fun type is Diverse Externals. They are exciting and interesting people. Somewhere they express their corkiness. They can be loving and caring, yet they feel they don’t have enough for themselves. They are in some sort of need. They try to help and give only to find out that they are struggling in need and have to take care of themselves. They are good, yet needing help. The are Harmonious Self-Love.

The power types are Truly Externals. They achieve. Why? Because they never have. The extreme need to fill in the internal void is huge. To get what they need they can become extreme, in their character, in their actions which leads them to success. They don’t care about what other people think. You might find them even selfish, self-centered, impatient, and egotistical. They cannot care about other people much because they are in need. They need care. This type reflects the Void of the Divine Nature of God. Not what God is. It’s the opposite. The need to fill in the void can never fulfill the internal void. It’s infinite. They are Self-Love Complete. The only way to change this is to return back to the Divine.

It will give you peace to know that what we label as selfishness, self-centered, egotism, conditional treatment is actually an extreme internal deprivation or so-called internal poverty. The more dominant the external force is, the more deprived these individuals are. The hunger for having pushes them to manifest much harder. Sometimes they acquire not so good traits along the way to survive, because having or getting is not easy for them. The Higher Level sees it rather as a positive propulsion force which pushes Universe into gears.

The good side of having an external element is actually related to fun and moving forward towards achieving. They will pull you into achieving and it’s good! They know lots.

The relationships have problems due to the external force being present. Who do you think argues the most? Those who have an external element. That is the element that wants, needs and demands. If the needs of an individual with a dominant external element are not met, they voice it and they don’t put up with it. They battle. They feel entitled for the things to have and others must align and provide. Beware, Truly Externals have expectations. You’d better deliver. Diverse Externals have some expectations, they put up until they see they are burdened, they make sure you hear about it. They need self-care.

The harmony comes from the internal force. Internals are peaceful. They hardly fight, they never can. They are.

The internal force is balancing. It can balance an external force. Out of four, a Truly Internal is the only type capable to handle any other personality type without a loss. They can because they always have.

The conclusion is such, when you need help, the best choice is to approach someone who has an internal element. Those with the dominant internal element will help you in a heartbeat without you ever having to ask. They simply do. When you go to those who have a dominant external element, it depends. Depends on whether they had received from others, whether they have given to themselves, and whether there is a small window in their timetable to fit you in, then maybe they can give. For Diverse Externals, they give to themselves about 60% plus and the rest goes to others. As for Truly Externals, they resist. To them, giving to oneself is the number one priority, everyone else is pushed aside. They mostly don’t.

That’s the story that I have for you today. The story of giving and receiving, the story of having. Please let me know if you have comments, I am open to balance my views to reflect back the knowledge that we all could learn and benefit from.

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