The love goes on whether you are in this life or you left. The love between beloveds continues. Even when you lose your dear partner, the love never dies. It seems that our differences close our hearts and minds, yet the heart knows no blindness and no boundaries. The love that is true goes on.

In my life I met someone so special and unique, I was at the top of the world. He was.., the only man I dated and married in my last ten years. He was so special, very advanced spiritually, and highly talented. I used to call him a genius. He truly possessed an art of healing, he was a creator in his right and he did that with passion.

My beloved evoked in me the most unconditional feelings, the purest love of the heart, the purest intents. The best ideals sprang up in my soul about true love and how that shall evolve. I was the best I could be. I was the most loving I could be. I was the partner who cared. I never saw any faults. I only saw us through the eyes of love. The beloveds we were…

The world we live in has highs and lows. Inspiration exists. I was inspired. I had high hopes for us, and spiritually I was blessed. He is. The world we lived in had the good and the bad, the people, the events, the intentions. The world can take you away from your love.

My world was him, and I could not and still not able to be. He is within. He is without. He never left. I love. He does. Death never is. It is the veil where separation lives and is behind the veils that we walk. The paths don’t cross, not in the visible world, the knowing is present. He is alive. The healing takes place and the more it does, the love abounds and resurrects. It never left. He never left.

The story goes on, I hope it does, and hope is real. We speak. The conversations tell me he will. I am waiting.

It is the end of the sorrow. It is the beginning of the new. I am.

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