In the Spirit of Halloween

The past few days felt really cozy… The autumn set in and people are staying more at home. The spirit of Holidays is awakened. Today is the last day of October and the times are rolling. People dressing up, kids are preparing for candy. No matter the age or gender, whether you are internal or not, we all love Holidays. It is the time to come face to face with all the good that we accumulated. It is the turning point towards the end of the Year where we are counting our blessings, looking back at what has been achieved and setting new plans, and re-considering our lives.

Today we remember those who passed away. As they say, the walls between the worlds are thin and nothing separates us from those in spirit. It is not the time to mourn, yet the time to acknowledge the spirit, be playful, and celebrate.

Dressing up and celebrating is a very external activity, yet it generates a lot of joy and warm feelings which is an amazing influence on your soul. The internal qualities blossom at this time. The joy of sharing, the smiles, and the giving, are all on the table. I am wishing you all the best of the time, and the best of the Day. Happy Halloween, my dear readers.

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