Archetypes: King, Protector, Helper & Creator

A few years ago I identified four core personas that are the cornerstone of my teachings. These personas define all of the relationships. Today I came to integrate this knowledge more and describe them what they truly are. Every psychology or scientific endeavor to describe people personas created archetypes and they believe that those archetypes are truly what people are. It’s almost like they took a particular lens and started analyzing. In my own words, they tried. When I look to Divine to enhance the knowledge of humanity, I know that these types are great and many people live by going to the well of knowledge that was created. Endeavors on explaining the human psyche and behaviors are so numerous. I would suggest to pause and think. Have you ever integrated that knowledge? I shall admit, I found all of those descriptions hard to learn and remember, & never ever would I be able to discern a person by merely using those diagrams and ideas. It’s obvious, a wealth of knowledge was based on human ideas. They are inventions of humankind and people absolutely did a great job. As I evolve my knowledge, I want it to stay as close to the truth as possible. The reason for that is,  I am a logical person and I cannot use the wealth of knowledge from a few who understand and I cannot. 

The Helper Archetype

Diverse Internal Persona

In my life, I only wanted to be able to have good relationships with people. It’s my nature. I am a mediator and I never wanted to have confrontational dynamics with anyone. Individuals who wish for that, are normally internal. They cannot stand arguing nor standing up for their beliefs nor speaking with force or authority. They are pleasant and pleasing. This kind of individual is called many names, for example, in psychology and they are described as weak types. The reason for such a description is that these people never speak what they think. They are the submissive types, kind to everyone… So, when I speak about this type, I really know who I am referring to. They are Diverse Internals. By all means, you don’t know what I mean by this definition. But if you listen, you will start remembering such people. They are very natural at helping, saying the right word at the right time, or being present & available when needed. They are always there for you. These are the helpers. The HELPER ARCHETYPE was born today, as I thought of them and knew they were simply trying to assist everybody in their life, and their externalized love becomes care & assistance. They are the psychological makeup of psyche and spirit that was created with a dual charge coming from Divine. The makeup came as a design from Creator of All That Is. God Himself created them. In their mind, they are the best. And in their understanding, they love the most. Their psyche is externalizing all of the endeavors towards other people into actions of love.  The light within such people is enormous, they are lovers and givers. They represent care in action. Externalization of the kindness comes through an unusual set up through the Higher Self. The consciousness of the Higher Self is external. The charge progresses into the psyche of the internal incarnate self and they merge into oneness as a growth opportunity. The light of the Higher Self is imbuing the crown and the vortex of the energies comes down like a spiral around the physical. This energetic composition is advanced in the design that our Creator imagined. He loves His design. It means that the one who is the Diverse Internal, cannot stay without guidance. They need guidance. They always guide others for the welfare of them, and their guided psyche is managed by Higher Self. So, here it is, the HELPER ARCHETYPE. The one who is in communion with Higher Self and is internal. Whenever these people come your way, you will LOVE them. It’s the best archetype to ever have if you want a friend, a parent, or a beloved. The sense of responsibility, conscientious action, mindfulness, the abundance of kind effort & compassion is far surpassing any type that I will describe after. They are the magnetic personas that you will find the best of the best. 

The King Archetype

Truly External Persona

A few years ago I met an amazing person. She is the most advanced spirit on the planet through her energies. Her light transcends the speed of any person on the planet. She is the most attractive person in energies. Her ambiance is very light and she is the most endearing person. When you chat with her, she is the most chatty girl and always playful and fun! I love my fun times with her. She was always my friend. And when you ask others what they thought of her, they would tell you, she was egotistical, self-centered, selfish, the most centered person I have ever seen myself. She loves herself to the fullest. Her best action is to give advice. She never does more. In her LOVE that she has for me, she sees me as someone who can give her what she wants. The love is indeed not unconditional. It’s the LOVE of what she sees. The major attraction for me is the LOVE that she could be, I see her as LOVE expanding. I see her through the eyes of Divine. Her vision that we can have many conversations do come about. Her idea is we shall play and when we play, it’s always progress. We never stop advancing when we play. So, for someone like myself to be with her requires patience. She is not going to listen to your story or dwell on the fact if someone upsets you, and in general, anything about you is not of her interest. Her statement is, put those conversations aside, and let’s focus. The mind that she acquired is very grand. She never wastes time. For her, time is important. When you feel that time is important, it becomes. I have seen her many times simply brush off individuals who wanted to expand on their ideas, and she would say, cut through the chase and give me the essence. Her interest is in self-care, not joining anyone on their ideas, only following her own lead would work with her. You cannot sway her to do your thing. She never will. For a few years when I spoke with her, we played and evolved. The QUEEN is in her. So, I call this archetype THE QUEEN or THE KING. These people are outstanding at their own evolution. They are self-caring, responsible for themselves. Their time is what they want. The princesses are only smaller types of these people who are still evolving and they cannot fully be queens or kings, yet their natural characteristics will progress the same route of self-expansion, self-adoration, self-indulgence, self-care, self-progress. The SELF is truly external. This type is magnetized to the extreme to represent the outermost of the Divine who is advancing fastest of all types of personas. Their spirit is external in nature and their Higher Self is external. This combo is the worst at creating intimate relationships. They are the most difficult people when you want to balance the giving & receiving. They are also what you call: narcissists, even abusers, givers of put-downs, givers of remarks on what you should be doing. They are free in their language and do not hold back when they feel you are wrong. They will let you know. The magnanimous nature is inward. Meaning, they give to themselves. This archetype is the most revengeful also if you cross them. They will not tolerate it. They will go after you. They can. It’s the influential type, the success-driven type, the care hoarding type, the loathed the most of all type. I shall say, I experimented and I can tell that the only way with them is to submit and love. That is the way.

The Creator Archetype

Truly Internal Persona

The type that I am today is different from what I used to be. The reason behind this change is my Ascension into myself. I am fully internal. God blessed me with this kind of understanding that I have experienced being both: Diverse Internal and now moved fully into Truly Internal. I have explored both sides of the coin and I perceived the differences. The dynamic charge of me that I used to have from the Higher Self who was external, created a rift between me and her. She never could align with the internal side of me. Her vision was, it’s not me. For some reason, these dynamics exist in all Diverse Internals. Their host Higher Self can never resonate with the feeling that “It’s me”. They can feel that internal charge inside their internal spirit self and the resonance is such that the incarnate self’s core is love and fully different from them. Sometimes, they manage to align themselves to the feeling that I am just evolving differently. And more than often they create problems for their internal selves. At this time, as I moved into a new state, I am no longer under the Higher Self who realized she was not me. The release of me from the External Higher Self resolved with a lot of pain for me because it was the ultimate annihilation of my Diverse Internal state. The resolution for her was freedom from everything she felt she was not responsible for. Her consciousness was at the height of feeling, I can do it. The loss of me was not visible to her at first. She simply thought it’s just an internal self. Her career that she held dear to her in the higher realm of existence, connected her to many Higher Selves who felt they were freaked out. Very deplorable states she saw them in when they lost somebody, and how they struggled with the incarnate selves, so the Higher Self of mine simply recognized the need to release me. Her vision was, I will let her go. And when she discussed it with other Higher Selves, they were very enthusiastic about it, and she redirected all of my connections to higher realms to herself and allowed me to drown. The condition of my life went from success to complete disaster. I never realized how bad it would get, until I truly could not co-create my life and was bed-ridden. Her vision of me being stuck, without her, manifested. She truly was the creator of my destiny. Once I realigned myself with the Divine. My asking was so strong, I could not understand why I was drowning, yet another year, and how can I move forward… I was begging God to come and fix this for me. God was so not there… I felt. I was on my way to Sedona several years ago, determined to put an end to my failure to live life. 

The quest for life was a serious matter to me. I was into spirituality and my daily practices wound down from the excellence of meditation to complete depletion in energies. I was simply drained. The loss of all energies resulted in many issues that I will not describe in this chapter today, yet it is a grave matter to many and I am someone who has been through almost the worst annihilation in history. I will speak of it one day.

In the history of my soul, I came from Before, and Before was the place where I was born. The being that I am is the LIGHT BEING, and the essence of me came from Higher Realms from Before. Essences of energies are subtle and I can never show who I am. That is why I almost lost my quest for life. The light beings cannot integrate into God’s Creation with ease. They are the highest essence that simply cannot fathom integration, especially into the most physical embodiments on planet Earth. The embodiment that I have today is of Divine nature, as it is truly the only option when we speak of integration into this material realm.

This story will go on, as I have more to talk about the evolution of your soul. Yet, the topic states, the archetypes that were born through my transition. The essence of my state today is Truly Internal. The most potent creative state that one could have. The state of the mind is fully divine. The state of the physical is fully material. I am the essence of the One in this body, and transitory states of this incarnation are evolving me to transcend all of the dual states that incarnations in 3D entail. The Creator is the archetype of my essence. I am THE CREATOR. The archetype is the livelihood of Divine. The Father God, who created us in His image & likeness, knows this type the best. It’s His type. The design is God’s design. It’s the potency of all that is. God is Internal, Truly Internal in nature. The essence of Creator is to be potent in ideas, in creativity, in achieving through vision, in having developed excellence at skills, qualities that are of the heart and the soul, the qualities of the mind that are intelligent and balanced. The type of person that Truly Internal is, never will stay still. They are the Creators. They love the playful state of creativity and they have a lot to offer. Their proficiency at any science, at any type of work, is known. Their light is only what is left for them to be hoped for. They don’t show their energy. The essence of truly internal people is waves. Wavy energies that can never stay showing, nor glowing, nor shining. These energies are subtle. The CREATOR archetype is the FATHER, Our God, Creator of All That Is. His image is in all of the Truly Internal people. And their origin comes from internal spirit magnified by the internal higher self. The dual charge is potent. The potent nature reveals itself slowly. You can never figure out these people at first sight. You think they are this…, yet they are that… And you will always fail to figure it out. The CREATORS are not fully discernable. They are invisible. Their true nature is the call that comes from the high of God Himself to align and manifest Creation.

The Protector Archetype

Diverse External Persona

PROTECTOR, who is this persona? It’s obvious. They are love, yet, they know how to protect it. It’s because… the boundaries of the body. Their demeanor is, watch your step. When you embrace them, they may pull back. When you give them a warning, they will try to align. Their physicality is only to become the protection wall between them and the ones who are around. When they walk, it’s peculiar & they don’t stop for a moment. They walk the way towards their goal. If anyone tries to stop them, they won’t believe what they could hear. The psyche of the PROTECTOR ARCHETYPE states, pass along and don’t cross me. Being mentioned by anyone who wishes to whisper or talk about them, will trigger a red flag in their psyche. It’s not what they want. If you see them incorrectly through some lens, they won’t like it. Someone like a Diverse External, must familiarize themselves with the knowledge of how to behave not to attract attention. Their loss is when someone notices how they walk. It’s bad. Whenever they make a move towards their goals, many normally try to stay out of it and not mentioning the friends or family, those shall never say anything. There will be a fire alarm going off loud and noisy. Their financial idealistic vision is only a beginning. Their vision is an achievement and never stopping. They laugh when you say to them, you cannot. They will. The revered idea of them is not going to work. You cannot pretend. The idea of brushing things under the table will only want them to pay more attention to the ones doing it. And the light of their humor is, they are doing something wrong. When you try to justify your actions to them, it’s never right. It’s almost like, my way, or highway. The reason for that is, they know better. It’s always about how you should do it, and not how you are doing it. Their ideal is what they see. Visions of their psyche are grand. The views open large and they zoom in to their fortune of whatever they imagine. Their vision is always higher than they can accomplish. It’s their vision and their fortune. Those who like staying only in vision, cannot achieve. Those who move on to implementing, achieve. Everyone is happy per their vision. Everyone must achieve. Everyone must like them. Fool you are if you cannot see it. It’s as simple as that. Indeed, they know better. They have been envisioning achieving from the moment they woke up to adulthood. Those few who realized themselves through achievement, always have plenty. They know, they can create anything. Their mind knows the path. Their heart loves. When you see yourself as this archetype, the note will ring when you see that you know all of it, and it resonated to the depth of your soul. The note played is the frequency in your psyche. 

I hope you enjoyed my conversation about the archetypes. These key personas truly exist. They are NOT invented by people. They are the actual personas that God created. Their spiritual connotation is well understood. God had a plan. It is still in motion. 

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