Conscientious Relationships

Relationships as Duality

The grand lesson of our existence is such that all relationships are the product of duality that exists through Divine Law. I am bringing to you the very truth. When you want a relationship, I cannot say you have arrived. By divine design, a relationship is a tool to grow. In the most manifested form that we have as incarnate beings, relationships shape and define the journey of companionship for the reasons of fun & family. The outdated beliefs on relationships cannot hold over time. The newest views will come about and you shall see. The reason for this diversion is you. The relationships are a test from Divine. When you see yourself wanting one, know that you want to grow and the growth implies purity of intent, love & supportive action, kindness & feelings. All of the rightful actions are called for when you are in a relationship. When we speak of the archetypes that I introduced in the most recent article, the lesson is obvious. We are playing the game of duality in the best possible way by engaging. The rules of engagement are already known. They are already identified, and my role in all of this is to dilute the veils of the unknown and break the news to you that for centuries have been hidden. This knowledge of all time will break you free from the grip of needing a connection to play out unsuccessful dynamics. If you want to truly explore the highs of connectivity of divine nature, you have to materialize the one design that God brought. And it’s not what you think. I will never explain enough when I expand on this topic. It cannot be fully grasped and integrated, all that there is about relationships, but one thing, I promise, you will find out how to stay close to who you are and never give in to something that is not your calling. You are here to be of oneness, of truth and of joy, and having relationships can divert you. It can literally take you away from your highest exploration with the divine. I say this not to stop you from having relationships, but to enlighten those who never had one, that you know what you are doing. You are free.
Relationships are the game of duality. Whenever you are alone, you are aligned. That is a given. When you try to dive into the depth of a connection, you will find yourself not aligned. You will see that you are your worst. And you can also see that you cannot be of value. Anything can happen. You will see yourself immediately at the mercy of someone else who might not believe what you believe, and when you trust that person, you think I will have them as my partner for life. Yet, they come and you are appalled at the value that they see you. They will see you as they want. And that might confuse you and take you down.

Relationships as Growth Opportunity

When we speak relationships, we see issues. And it’s a common topic of discussion for many coaches, and psychics, and also varied TV debates. The whole drama around the topic of relationships cannot underline the entirety of the issue. And when you try to determine what is truly happening here, you will see. It’s the Divine design also. It’s the design itself. It’s the God in all of us playful and trying to grow.
Whenever you are in a relationship, you need to be conscientious. Your consciousness cannot sustain downfall time after time when you are with someone close to you. The spiraling downwards dynamics of many relationships is the law of growth. The growth is such that you can never know what’s in front of you unless you try it. And the law itself is stating, you will try it. And when you are open to dive into connection, know that you cannot guarantee success. Those who ever had success, they already transcended relationships and no longer need them. They outgrew the need to explore and to hope for a better one. When you see yourself thrive as an individual, know that you have no relationship. Whenever you have one, it’s already too late and everything in your life revolves around it. It’s the main focus of your incarnation. Whenever you are free, the focus normally shifts towards your own individuality and conscious explorations are of higher value.
The growth option is for those who are not growing fast. They always want a relationship. Those people always are on a quest to find their partner. It’s almost like, I cannot do anything about life if I don’t meet my special someone, who I must marry and have a relationship with. It’s like that. Wherever you are going, you shall admit to yourself, why is it that you don’t look at the need of having a relationship? The intuition within that will signal to you, engage. You sometimes feel, maybe not this person, maybe another person. And that maybe is a quest for growth. I, as an author of this blog, came to self-realization that I don’t need a relationship to stay in the incarnation. I see the value of each connection. I see everyone as they are and I love people. I love relationships and I love everyone and I see that everybody is perfect by God’s design. Yet, whenever you have a relationship, there is always some sort of tension going on. Whether it is an awareness of their partner or their need, or what they should or should not speak about, or what they should or should not do. That’s how relationships are… They influence each other. Relating is always a difficult topic. It’s never enough to describe what people feel when they engage in connections. They feel tons of emotions. I personally feel everything they feel and more. The lofty side of a connection is that they will speak their mind sooner or later. You will speak your mind sooner and later. It will come to facing their ideas and yours. And if they don’t match up, it’s going to be a push and pull dynamics. The relationship dynamics are not easy to describe in one word. You felt that for many years, that your intimate connections did not give you satisfaction. It’s the reason for existence for a few, and it’s the reason for a family for many, and for just a handful of people, it’s something not to engage in.

Relationships as Agreements

The lesson learned all of you engaged in relationships. Who won’t? The benefits of companionship are at hand. You go out, you have a great time, and you enjoy their delightful pleasant appearance. And in that doing, you also know that it’s only for a few moments that you can do it. It’s never enough to say that diving deeper is quite a journey filled with many lessons.
Those of you who have good relationships, it’s not because yours is better and your soulmate connection is transcendental, and true love is between you both. I shall say, it’s because you are of a particular type. Those relationships are unique in nature, they are always manifesting as harmonious and I have been in one myself. The relationships are difficult when you engage with the wrong type. Their dynamics are non-predictable and not easy. When you want to find a perfect mate, my science of self of Innermost will guide you.
Whenever you are laughing when you read these lines, know you are agreeing. Agreements in life play a big role and in a matter of minutes, your life will change when you decide to outgrow not successful not harmonious connections. I, as a Truly Internal person, will say to you. I have seen amazing relationships with lots of harmony and love and care. They do exist. Yet, I will tell you also, that not everybody was made harmonious. And not everyone can create that for another. Given the Divine design, it’s easy to fall prey to someone who is luring you into connection. And you will… At the end of the day, you choose. If you want to understand why I am the way I am, it is because I have been listening to the divine knowledge that I can.

Let’s Dive Deeper: Divine Design

The naming conventions for my teachings will be Diverse Internal, Truly Internal, Diverse External & Truly External. These types of Science of Self will put you into questioning. I know that many are confused when they hear about my typization. It makes no sense. I will explain…
Energies of everyone never have been the same, someone who is outgoing is usually a Diverse Internal. Someone who is introspective and reasonable is Truly Internal. Someone who is driven & interesting is Truly External, and someone who is reasoning & protective is Diverse External. These 4 personas exist among us. I will tell you more in my teachings & online classes. Your understanding of this topic is minor, yet, I will explain what it means to outgrow a relationship. It’s to do with your knowledge. The true knowledge. The Divine Design of God that exists within the matrix of our psyche. The energies, the Merkaba & the physical. When you look at yourself, know that you cannot notice such things. Your body, how it looks, your face, your energies, what you are as a person. Those factors & criteria for identifying what you truly are.
When you learn that you are internal, there is one way to co-create with others. When you figure out you are external, there is a new way of engaging with others. The patterns of behavior are already predefined. They were created by God. Dear readers, do not feel bad. It’s all coming in due time. I have seen success with connections when we spoke about my topic. I saw people resolve their situations with ease. Yours can too. I am after all the teacher of this new Science of Self – the spiritual way of understanding your relationships. 
Whenever you feel you are alone, it’s not you. It’s the reason behind your design. Whenever you feel nobody loves you, it’s the design. When you feel you are complete as yourself, it’s the design. And when you are totally engaging with everyone, you are the design.
Energetic makeup of any individual is their psychic makeup that transmits a frequency through the channels of the mind. This energy only guarantees you will engage in one way or the other. You cannot sway from this. It’s a given. Energetically you are vibrating a message from the Creator dictating how you will behave. You will progress into the psyche of others through your conscientious effort as you form your life experiences. Your psychic channels will trigger whenever you come into touch with someone who is different. Whenever you are similar, those senses do not trigger and you won’t engage. Those triggers never shut down, they are present in everybody.
Use your judgment whether you agree or not, but the essence of your existence & your wellness is at hand. Those of you who cherish your partners, do not leave them just because. Your connection is precious in God’s eyes. You need to see them as they are, in full divine beauty. Their makeup of energies is unique. They are unique and so are you. If you feel, your connection is not aligning you to yourself, it’s a bad relationship. You cannot rise up to be higher if your partner is abusive, or they are never treating you right. That’s not what we are talking about here. Your primary concern shall be you and your well-being. As connection grows, you will see whether consider it a good one or it’s something to forget and move on. Steady connections are precious, make sure you treat your dear partner with the utmost respect and downright well. It’s important. I have been in a few relationships over the years. I have achieved a good understanding of relationships through marriage & friendships. A few years ago after having lost my husband I came to the realization that I wanted to stay committed to my spiritual practice & fully give focus on things in life that I could never do due to staying in relationships. Even though I cherished all of them and loved to the fullest, I realized, I cannot achieve what I intended.

Reasons for Relationships

Partners are for growth & growth of only one kind, through engaging. Whenever engaging has no value any longer, the relationships as dynamics die off. Everything said, is of value. Including what we are. If you feel you resonate, it’s a journey of self-direction to find out what your options are. Option one, you can fix your current views on your partner & find a way to cope. Option two, you can simply let go and move on. Option three, you have a nice relationship, so go ahead and enjoy it. Option four, you are in a single connection and not interested in searching. Whichever stage of life you are in, it’s only a matter of a few years, before you realize, you never there.
And the best relationships so far, thrive together towards common goals and endeavors. They cannot stay still and stagnant, such relationships disintegrate. The growth must be. If there isn’t one, you cannot stay in it. It outgrew itself and shall not continue. They are stale energetically. Those reasons to stay must be consistent, you must want a relationship, and it shall be fun. Without those aspects, how can you continue? Life is already demanding, and if your partner is giving you a hard time, you will say, why on Earth do I want it? It’s true! You don’t! Whenever you feel you outgrew the connection, it must disintegrate with time & it is the way.
Those connections that evolved into marriages have a long-standing value in the eyes of God. They are precious. Those connections thrived over years and co-created with Divine the magnificence of parenthood. Those relationships grew out of engaging negatively and found common ground to relate. Such relationships cannot disintegrate for many reasons, they are there to hold up the high values for new generations. The newlyweds always hope for the high road. When their vows are spoken, normally they mean it. It’s the liking of the partner that says, I want it. And the reason behind it is, I love this person. The duality of connection never leaves even if you love each other. Relating is not easy. It’s the closed-mindedness that might shut down the flow of love. The shutdown of relationships begins when nobody wants it. When someone realizes, they are done. It’s very few that stay and tolerate, and overall, it’s hard on anybody.
The energetics of newlyweds is outstanding, it’s LAUGHTER, JOY & LOVE, and many more outstanding emotions that imbue individuals with hopeful feelings. The hopes are high because you want the best for yourself. Energies are lovely, yet, knowledge of the science of self could be advisable for both before they take vows. Those vows mean nothing when you don’t reach for the heart and cannot stand the other person’s view. It fades in the face of difficulties when you start saying I don’t like it. And the malevolent ideas may kick in if your character knows how to handle conflicts, and those who practice self-defense in the relationships cannot stay there for long. The defensiveness is a way of not wanting to comply. And complications can arise if you join your partner and disagree with them on many ideas. The agreements are what holds everything together. When you agree and they also, it’s what co-creates an abundance of joy and happiness, and nobody hurts. Agreements are important to those who know how to adapt to any situation. Adaptation is required to feel secure and safe and also find the best in your partner and look away when they do something you cannot stand. Those who learn how to do this & not cross their partners on certain ideas, succeed.
Play and love & integrate all the growth, that’s the best advice you will ever hear from me. The best route to integrate yourself into the light is to dive into your connection and ensure you love to the fullest and never stop learning and forgiving. The route to your higher self is the same, you always have to integrate all the lessons and all the learning you do through every step of the way. The integration process is valuable to everyone. Try not to obsess over the bad in relationships. It’s not going to go away. It’s the way it is. And you shall admit to yourself, you still love them. Whenever you feel your partner is negative, give them support. Whenever you feel, you are negative, ask for one. It’s the common ground to stay on. So, you have something to hold on and integration of each other energetically does help. Your kindness is utmost needed when you are with your partner, always be kind. Never step on their toes, so they hurt, never kick them below the waist. Do stay connected and moreover do not put them down on any occasion. The accusers do not last in relationships. Whenever they accuse and speak up, the relevance of connection diminishes. Those partners end up losing. Whenever you feel you have to take down your partner, you lost. You cannot win here. It’s not a battlefield. You have to tolerate only yourself here. And for them, they have to only be small. And your remarks to make a point will over time push them out of a relationship. Your truth to be told is only to hurt. Do not speak your truth when in relationships. It hurts! Tell them kindly, never push them around and tell them you are wrong. Not good! Tell them let me show you how. Let me help you, let me support you. That is the way. They cannot be better. They are growing. So are you. Why engage in battles? Your battle is not at home. Is to survive the world. Try it.
The survival of the species for generations was to stick to each other and support each other. That’s the real truth why we stick together. It’s the community spirit. We try to engage in communities to support one another. That is the reason for unions such as parents, partners, children, and friends. Support! Your support depends… on you. You create your own community. It’s your support system. Without support, we cannot thrive or survive as species. Your light will call those who are soul family, truly internal caretakers, twin flames, soulmates, twin souls, advanced beings of light who support you from higher realms, the infusions of Divine Light from God, and everyone else from everybody who loves you. Your soul has chosen many incarnations with certain individuals who claimed you as a support in their lives, so you came in with quite a few already to progress smoothly. Your journey is always fun when you are with friends and family and beloveds and partners in business and other affairs of life. It can be truly good.
So… are you still with me? We are progressing towards a common goal,  success in relationships. I have said to you. Are you engaged? Are you married, are you in a committed relationship? If you are… you are in the right place. I have many topics to cover and when I do, please tell me if you resonate. I do appreciate all of the kind notes to me. I have received quite a few divine downloads that engaged me into this reality as a divine channel. So I channel for a large number of people on this topic to help and disclose the truth. So, the truth is, we are DIVINE. And our connections are also. Relationships are here to stay. They are precious. And being a channel, I will tell you, I can teach you anything. I have learned a lot about the Innermost & Science of Self is my invention. I am here to bring to you the closure of many centuries where nobody could feel integrated into relationships. I can explain. For your own peace of mind, stay connected. I will release a few courses that will teach you about you. And it will be FUN! Take care and we meet soon.

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