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Innermost is the Science of Divine Love. It’s meant for those who love relationships. It’s for the ones who want to integrate into All of God and see yourself integrated & well. The metaphysical direction of Innermost is so new that you will find it very hard to relate to. Yet, it’s been many years that I have studied to understand why we are the way we are, why you cannot change anyone, why you feel the impossibility of some relationships, and why you feel connected to some people. These feelings are normal to all of us. We all want love. And we feel that anyone who cares for another deserves the truth.
The Light of Divinity in you greets the other with feelings. Those energy balls within your hearts co-create amazing feelings that last for generations, for lifetimes, and never end evolving. Relating to the ones you love is almost as loving the All. Because loving someone is the same as loving of God in front of you. You meet them with divine perspective in full understanding, with utmost divine respect, and love flows. Your adage of the New Age comes down to finding your twin soul. You will be surprised to learn that most care in relationships does not depend on the fact whether you both are twin souls or twin flames. You have a relationship with yourself. You are the one in them wanting to relate and love. You are love. You.
In generational scripts that God saw, the love between lineage newcomers dispersed if generational karmas were present. People were not able to settle and co-create families and children. When the Divine Law of Dispensation came out, we all started loving each other more. We created families and looked for love and related better.  God’s Divine Plan is to make you happy. And if you find yourself loving your parent or child or partnership, you will see that nobody is impossible to tolerate. You can. You want to, you thrive to become one and you look to each other to change in order to co-create the harmony and true relationship of divine origin. Lovers are the ones who only relate physically and never touch the soul. Beloveds touch the soul and trust one another at much deeper value. Their core beliefs are of divine nature.
You are the souls who relate to one another with the language of Divine origin. You have the light codes coming in for romance. You have the light beings coming when you co-create romance. You have a divine father participating to co-create harmony and bring peace. You both cannot be apart, He says, stay together. You cannot stay away from one another, stick together. You will see the difference when you have created your love. You will ascend. Divine Father loves through your eyes. Your energy expansion is tremendously high as you expand as energetic balls of love in front of each other’s eyes. Your energy fields look like soft fluffy pinkish auras and you are almost Divine already. You are in a state of Divine Love.
Love of the romantic partners is impossible not to feel. The heart generates a huge amount of energy and vibrates at a higher rate. You as Divine Lover become finally yourself. Your expansion is speedy and fast. You have this notion, I am in love. Yet, God says. You are finally remembering what you are. You are love.  Your expanded state is overpowering not to notice. Everyone will see you in love. All of the people around will say:  you are in love.  The feelings are flowing around the person, and it’s noticeable. You are Divine in every way and you are the love of your life. You think you see someone in front of you? Think again. You are in love. And this phrase has no other person in it. In love is a state. It’s you. You are love and it’s your state.
You are the energy expansion of the highest vibration of love when you love. You are the lover of God and you feel the love expansion for a reason. You meet the other half of yourself and you unite into oneness. You become. You become one. You feel the love flow and integrate into your energy over time. Nobody has told you, you are divine due to your state of in love. You never cherished the thought of Ascension as a beloved. You will.
Divine Love that looks outside of yourself leads to Ascension. If you love, you will ascend. If you love exponentially, you ascend. If you love divinely, you ascend. If your love never ends, you ascend. If you love the same being, you ascend. If you love others, you ascend. Lovers of all walks of life, you have your joy when you meet your partners. You think you finally arrived. you feel you are at home and you can relax and feel cozy and in comfort. It’s a wrong view of your life. When you meet God face to face, work begins. You think you will enjoy living next to them, wrong. You feel you will take them into a nice place to be with you, you are wrong. Life is designed for a reason in such a way that you can never stay satisfied. You will never be fully integrated with each other. You have yourself as a Divine guide in your life. And you will continue your expansion. And when you are satisfied, you will leave this life and never care for incarnating.
Readers of Your Innermost, you are here for a reason for expansion. You are here with one same simple thought. I want a relationship. I will explain… Relating is a hard subject. It’s not an easy idea to stay together and stay forever and ever pleased with each other. It’s a work in progress. You cannot understand it yet, but I will tell you. When you are in love, that’s the best thing you can ever get from your relationship. You cannot keep it. It will disintegrate. It’s not because you cannot love one another for good. It’s because you cannot keep what’s not yours. You cannot keep your love without you. You cannot stay love to them without yourself. You cannot stay love forever to someone who stays the same while you grow. You cannot stay with them if you outgrew the relationship. You will stop relating if you suddenly figure out why you are with them and love goes out. You will see that love was the means to attract them to heal their wounds and to heal your needs. You will find out one day that your partner never cared. Or you cannot enjoy them because they are not well. And one day you will see them as they are. And one day you will feel they are what they are.
You are as good as new by yourself when you go out and have fun dating and never revealing to them about yourself. They will love that. Once they learn all intricacies of your personality, you will see them wave goodbye. It’s simple. They cannot stay for some reason. And it’s obvious. They outgrew this relationship. People enjoy sticking together for a reason. It’s obvious. The change hurts. When relationships disintegrate, they cannot continue due to lack. This lack is of needs. The needs must be met by your partner. If needs are not there, your partner cannot stay for long. Needs are defined by the Laws of the Universe. The Law of Relationship is kicking in when you want a partner. You will start looking around wondering. Who is him/her? Maybe it’s this person, maybe that person. Who is my special partner? When you finally try and try, you will see that you attract the same type of people… It’s strange… And it’s the reason to look at yourself. You will.
When you work on yourself and see yourself as good, once you start dating, you see that something is wrong with you. You might have a bad habit, or speak untidy, or be cute or not, and other things start coming into perspective. And you are full of yourself before that. And God says, it’s good as far as you enjoy dating. If you stopped for a reason with someone who is nice and you love about them more things than not. You will have a talk in your mind saying, this person has these nice qualities, and they are this way, and they are cool and I probably feel satisfied with them as they are. A few days later you discover they have a bad temper and you freak out. You thought they were nice and thought they were cool, and they were only starting out with you. The energetic makeup of you at the time of thinking was, searching for someone special. Special qualities came to surface in all of the people for you to wonder who you would love to have. And those few who said yes were obviously cute and lovable… and you thought, I have it! I know who they are. In fact, you thought from the surface and never figured out that you were wrong.
Soulmates are whole and complete only when they feel one. And oneness does not kick in if you only look from outside of the possibility. Possible issues arise only when you love for good. If you love more and more, you will see the issues and outgrow the in-love feelings. Those last only a few months. The love itself develops slower. Love. It’s only true if you stick together. The togetherness is a totally different subject you cannot quit yourself. You are you and they are them, and the love between the souls only evolves if you are open to the possibility of continuing a relationship even if you know bad sticky little things about them and you never care. Being lovers is an option if you just want that, but it’s not the best one if you intend to continue. Yet think here twice, you have the love in you to say a nice word to a person, why not to be together?
Letters of love are written for generations from the ones who want to meet their partners. They write special letters to Divine Mother. She seeks out the perfect soulmate for those who ask. Those letters are still written by many and many ask for her assistance to find out who their lover is. She knows who. She seeks out the ones who care about you and love truly. And she knows if you are ready, she will work with you to disintegrate all that stands between you both to merge into one.
The soulmate is the one who truly loves and cares for you. They loved you before, they are in harmony with you and they care for you more than ever and never quit. That’s the truth. Your soul needs someone so true to one another that you never quit moving in one direction. And you are. In one word, you never shall quit them also. They never will stop loving you and you can never stop loving them.
A soulmate is someone devoted to you for many more lives if you consciously discuss with them your idea of truth between you too. If you both decide to stick together and hold hands and walk the life towards Divine, the Goddess Shakina supports your decision. She is the benefactor of all love affairs of the Universe. She is. She loves romance and a good flirt. She wants passion and lots of sparkles and She speaks the language of the heart to each other. Mother God is Love, her speaking capacity aligns you both to the language of Divine Dispensation where you both can continue on without strikes and battles, in holy matrimony, in the face of the Father as the children who came to claim truth about the love between their hearts.
The one who is God said YES. He knew all along, people won’t stay in relationships if He were to only teach and teach through them. So he said, YES. Now we have a dispensation of Divine Love between hearts which says I AM YOURS and YOU ARE MINE. This Law is for you if you feel you are ready; if you know your game; if you chose the right soulmate; if you feel you are done with growth through relationships. You will stay forever together as you wish. And you can be one as you claimed. And you will.
Divine Laws define the essence of change. If you are in your growth phase, God cannot grant you this wish. You have to. If you feel you cannot tolerate your partner, look at another. If you feel, you are done with relationships, quit. If you know your truth and you can be together and separate, you can have one if you design it as a soulmate connection. Your beloved will feel your intention and will try to align to the very essence of truth where love stays and stays. God is LOVE also. And He said I support. If you are not available for any connection yet, you cannot use this law. You will have to evolve through relationships. You will. You are not aligning for some reason if you resonated with these words, you probably are still growing through connections and your love cannot stick with you. Once you redesign your growth to be towards Divine and you never quit, you can enjoy this powerful dynamics of harmony between you and your true beloved for good. God is yours. And you are His. You shall remember that forever. You cannot quit God once you are in a relationship. You are a lover of God and Divine dispensation is granted only then when you return.
God loves and loves, and so shall you. When you claim your true partner, know they are already in agreement once you signed yours. And your signature is in heaven kept under the Secret Law of Union that will only be revealed once you are together and never quit each other. Once you are familiar with this law, you will remember what to do. You simply will do and never stop loving. Your union is yours and you are fully responsible for the ebbs and flows of this relationship. If you do outgrow it, know you cannot quit your partner. You have to stick with them no matter what. You cannot change your partner, you only have to continue and you cannot stop it until you truly see the love in yourself for them and truly give them yourself.
Beloveds and true soulmates, you are in danger of quitting one another if you say you can change partners. You cannot. You cannot quit them. You have to stick together and see the end of pull and push dynamics as you decide to adorn yourselves with the truth that you are one. And you will see the help of heaven coming to you in the shape of the Angelic beings who will sing a song of love into your ears to invoke your memories of truth and love and keeping the vows. True hearts cannot stay alone. They want to be in oneness and truly stick together and love cannot be extinguished if you see yourself in unity. Beloveds of the hearts, your love cannot stay the same, it cannot go less and less, it only shall expand. When you fill yourself with Love, your truth becomes one with you and you cannot track any single joy in you if life is all to do with struggle. Life cannot stay less than normal all the time and even if you are in a growth type of relationship, you will become indulged into a struggle. And pull & push dynamics starts off at any moment when both adults struggle to find balance in their connection to life.
Develop inner direction for loving your partner and continue on. Your journey only ends when you quit it. God is yours when you say so, and your true beloved contributes to your vision towards yourself. Envision your guide with you who cares for you at the height of their involvement with your life. That’s who you have for your soulmate. Your truth about their state of where they are cannot be a direct reflection of where you are. You are not one in body, you are one in soul family and you are not responsible for their state of emotions. You are your own being who never incarnated in sync with them. You are your own traveler across the ocean of lives that you have lived. You are your own universe integrable into theirs. And you see oneself as the truth of your own vision for you.
God has a wonder to share with those who see through the eyes of HORUS, the eagle man who had the vision of True Soulmate Relationship with his beloved ISIS. God has anointed them for the reasons of truth. They sought out love and stayed true to each other and gave birth to children. And there were twelve. And they loved and loved and loved. And they never stopped caring for each other. And they embellished the truth of the ancient times that LOVERS are GIVERS OF LIFE. And their choice of love was care. Their light forever expanded in the direction of the ONE who is our adored FATHER who blessed this couple with the ancient EYE OF HORUS, the initiation given only to beloveds who care for one another and want unity forever. THE EYE OF HORUS IS more than just an initiation. It’s the embodiment of the perfect couples’ template that is imbued to be nurtured inside your soul and be given as a drink of ambrosia that has a heavenly nature. This drink comes as a cup of Angelic directorship who comes down to pour the drink onto the heads of the beloveds who took the decision to join in divine matrimony for good.
The Angel of LOVE is the only angel coming to you from that point on when you pray about your connection to the heart. This angel is you. Myself and I and me is no more. It’s all to do with you and you and you. You are yourself and they are themselves, and you shall not think of just you, it’s both of you. You shall see God in their heart and see yourself as the servant to them. You shall serve God in front of you and love eternally. By the reason of Divine Law, you are one. And by the reason of Divine Truth, you are eternal. If you claimed yourself as beloved tonight, you shall receive this initiation for eternity.
God’s light expands when he hears I dos. I DO and I LOVE are the best in matters of true love. The love of God is the same, it’s delicious, it’s juicy, it’s savvy and generous. It’s all of the shattered loves that you glue together and mend until this love is born. To heal yourself into one and true love, you have to adjust yourself to thinking of gratitude. Be grateful for whatever small thing they did for you, the ones before. They were you. Be in gratitude to the one who brought you into life and you will be blessed. Be in gratitude for the love of your life right now. And be in gratitude for the one who is God who blesses you for the unity of the heart. Be yourself and be them and see God in each other and that’s what you will call one day. Ascension of the Unity of True Beloved. True beloved is you. Simple, right? Any time of your day engage in loving conversations, take yourself for deep healing sessions with those healers who are the ancients who know what you are seeking. They will heal your soul from many wounds imposed through the negligent handling of other partners. These wounds don’t heal well, they need mending. You cannot stand all damaged in front of your true love and claim them when you are broken. You will break them. You will. You cannot bring more to the table if you are not healed. You will bring sorrow, and lack and cruelty and never-ending quarrels if you don’t shape your heart into a bouquet of the most fragrant flowers., the ones who are blooming the best. You will feel like a King or a Queen ready to merge into the union of truth that comes to only those who are ready.
God is forever expanding Himself through LOVE, He is the LOVE of your life and He blesses you in one day if you speak his words to your partner and they respond. You will see Him smile at you through their eyes and you will wonder, I see God. And God will know that you are ready.
God loves the figurative speech and you cannot see God on their eyes but through your mind. If you see someone like your partner in daily life, seeing them as divine becomes difficult and you only wonder, why on earth have I married them? And You keep thinking, they have some lack, they are not happy they feel sad or down, or depressed, and I… cannot tolerate. I am. I will. I do. I. I am not them you think. And it failed, all of your efforts to see God. Why? Because… you feel it’s all to do with the good treatment from them for you and all happy ideals about daily life come to mind thinking, you both must align somehow and they see that too. Once a day passes, you align and you wonder, what happened, you will see them through your eyes and feel sad. You know you both failed each other when you tried to step away and not be there for each other.
Sadness is a feeling. Never try to get close too fast with your true partner, learn about them, play a game, take them for a walk in nature and watch them as they reveal themselves to you, you grow on hearing them. They will open up one day fully and you will see their face and know how much they struggle or need support. It’s only a matter of a few years and you fully learn what they feel. You will see them in action and in daily activities and you will feel that they need something easier sometimes than hearing a lecture on what they need to do or what they are doing wrong. And those of you who care for one another know the truth already, it’s only a matter of time when you both slip and take a walk outside of your relationship. You will see the lesser energy suddenly and you will see a blessed light and you will see a lesser dynamics until you feel you are done for good with the laws of karma. I am the one who teaches these words, I am GOD. I love you all when you try and fail and I am the one holding you any moment of your life including this time. If you failed yourself one time, you cannot be in love. You start with yourself. You learn about you. Why are you betraying yourself daily? If you are to love one day be the best. Be yourself and love yourself enough to stop the dynamics of hatred, to stop gnawing at each other’s issues and you will see the light at the end of your day and only to notice that you are no more a full cup, emptiness is not the word here. It’s fullness of bliss. You will reach bliss. You are bliss. You.
Your innermost friend GOD.

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