We hardly have people on Earth who are truly completely benevolent. Sometimes it takes two to dance. When you try negotiating with another human being, often they don’t want to comply. Their stance on this is. I am me, and I want it this way. So, if you want me, dance the way I want. And that goes on for many. In other words, if you truly think you are that great, why are you having relationship issues? The dance of two cannot be a dance. It takes a lot of effort to stop the fight, quit the arguing, and begin negotiating. Light is the best thing about you. You know who you are. You are the truth of your light. God has no way to identify with you if you are overly cumbersome and not aligned to the one in front of you. God has many ways to stop the fight. Examples. If you cannot continue the talk and need to stop the fight, take yourself out of the equation. You can take yourself for a walk and get your mind cleared. You can go and take a shower. You can call your friend and go for a talk. You can call your parent and ask for advice. You can simply surf the internet and dive into exploration and research on this issue. God provides many ways how to never go back to the drawing board and continue miscalculating your math. Stopping the fight is an essential key to every relationship and stopping the negotiation is impossible without a fight. To never have a fight, your respect must be the highest for your partner. Without respect, you align to lower dynamics and start putting down and smashing on each other’s minds to continue on the fight about the small stuff.
The best couples out there never fight. They never learn about how. Instead, true beloveds tend to speak. Such soulmate couples do exist. Many could be in loving harmony. What we see instead, people lose respect for themselves, and drag the other partner into a downward spiral. Such conditions are numerous. People cannot say a word without getting upset. They continue on the martyr dynamics. The one in suffering who cannot get through to the other who is the power-driven narcissist. Many call abusers this way. Though abuse has started way before you realized. When you dated this person, you knew, they had issues. They could go cold and not respond and then suddenly change their dynamics with you. The negotiations were long. Mostly they could only understand a pinch out of the whole conversation no matter how long both people talked. Such relationships became battlefields. If you are one of those people who have at home a nightmare, know that there is no easy way out once you get stuck in such conditions.
Normally you can have a way out if you are dating. If you are already in this type of relationship, there is hardly a choice. You will know poor respect, lesser comments towards you, no care, and hardly any love. Such poor conditions cannot stay with you for long. You have to quit. This is not equitable, the situation, the family, the connection. It’s simply some lack. Lacking love from day one returns you into an animalistic state of being. You devalue yourself. You become possessed, driven by minor stuff, reluctant to succeed in life. The will stops working. You cannot simply go and speak with other people. You will feel intimidated. You cannot have a normal view of others. You will hide. You cannot stick with those who suffocate you. The love that you felt will get annihilated. It’s no love. It’s shame. Those of us who struggled in such relationships understood one thing. You have to avoid unhealthy individuals who struggle to keep their word or mouth shut. You have to quit them for their own evolution. They must stop making problematic what you want to do with your life. You have to transcend your attachment and association with them until you are for good done.
Mothers who have children after such relationships cannot find jobs and struggle day by day. They were some better place before they met their husbands. Their love story was passion. Their journey was kindred spirits. Their post-partum depression kicked in because they were violated verbally before having a child. The abuse that took a toll on them, was not because they were struggling physically after the birth. They were abused before… Many couples cannot conclude the reason for abortion. Sometimes mothers cannot go forward with bearing children because they feel annulled as human beings. It’s very dangerous to raise a child in a non-constructive debasing home where you are only a woman and nothing else. Debauchers in the family are so highly volatile and persistent on abuse, they are trudging their day by day by bashing the pride, the self-esteem, and the peace of members of the family. Their light continues to be of sudden transition. When they want to feel good, it’s transient. When they want to stay sober, it’s sometimes. And when they want to achieve, it’s hardly any success.
Those of the highest intent who enter relationships and see that those don’t work, realign. They work on relationships. They trust that their parent held them high enough that they are capable to stay married. The truth of ages is never-ending. Relationships are for those who grow. And I won’t hide it from you today. You are signed up to grow through your partners and you have to continue this way. The role models in relationships are normally people who are entangled in responsibilities. Only they know what it takes to make things work. They travel at length to navigate their day in order to consume their mind with other matters. They don’t dismantle their relationships. They struggle and trust that their partner aligns.
Worrisome individuals create an impact on their partners. They struggle to believe that things are going to be all right. They raise the pressure until their partner steams and cannot take it. It becomes a boiling pot. Those who have seen this issue, understand, it will come about, their fear, it’s hard to hold on when you are manifesting and they are mismatching your energy. Their vision is co-creation for you. If you don’t feel the support of them, you fail. And if they see you fail, they bash at you and create a struggle in the relationship. You will fail because support is the key to you and them. Your supportive vision is only half a manifestation. The other half is your partner.
Those of you who care for good dynamics, align yourselves to the highest and best. Make sure you never underestimate red flags. These little alerts in your mind are dangerous. One flag is a lot to see sometimes, another flag, and you are worried, the 3d flag comes, you have to run.  Red flags are numerous, it can be as simple as, they walked out of the restaurant while you both are having dinner. Forgot about you and returned by the end of it. Why? Because they don’t care about you. That’s a huge red flag. They were missing the time with you. They misrepresented you in the eyes of another person and left it hanging.  The love between you two is predestined, they failed you. They failed your patience. They failed your intention. They failed you as a person. They closed to you before you both got started. They never change after. Whenever you see someone chatting too much about you, it’s a bad sign. It means they are dissatisfied with you. They are trying to find a way to clear this issue. They cannot tell you up straight to your face why are they chatty. They managed for too long! They struggled. If they stumble upon you once again and never can feel good, they can collapse. It’s a big issue. If you see that in your partner, step back. Close-mindedness leads to issues like this. You tried and you failed and you tried and you failed and failed. And that was it The reason for failure can be any. You have to clear it. If you clear the reason, you will say to your partner, we can be now free.
The essence of any partnership is a loss. Why? Partners cannot see themselves better. They see themselves less. You struggle to find solutions. You cannot find the right decisions. You take charge when you need to shut down. You need to stop when you instead go on. And so on. These things happen because you start misaligning and struggling to find balance. The evolution of the light in all of us speaks magical moments. We all believe in those fairy tales. We want magic, we want passion, we want to be free of any issues and we want to jump off the roof when we find such a person to do it with. The law of the universe – DIVINE LAW OF RELATIONSHIPS – means no magic, it means business. If you are in a relationship, it’s all to do with your growth. Your ideals of relating are not important. What is important? By the law of One, you are in a zone of the game and it’s not you who is playing. It’s the laws. You are under the laws of the universe, You are the law-abiding light being who knows only things don’t work as expected. You will freak out if you knew this truth. The truth about you and your partner is, you are matched by frequency. You were in a state of frequency that called them in. You were aligned to that frequency. You were…
Your generational karmas, your beauty of the soul, your karma, your plan for life, you, all of these variables align you with the one who came to have a connection. Your connection to the One who is beloved is over when you start thinking that it is all in vain, to start a relationship and have no chance. People will not understand this statement, but it’s not good to get started and not continue. If you have a relationship, go on, continue, take it to the next level. If you are not, take time to participate in your physical healing, emotional healing, mental adjustment. The better your frequency, the better your outcome for a new relationship. You will be matched with an individual who cares about the best for them. Such a person reflects self-love and self-care. You can feel the vibration of such a person, they are wholesome. They are renewed in their best energies and ensure the quality for you. The beacon of hope was my article about Conscientious Relationships. You haven’t gotten stuck learning and integrating the learning for good. I am the LOVE to ALL who decided to grow, and if you are in a growth type of relationship, know that Divine in me responded. I am the writer of my blog. I am a researcher. I searched for years. I found you. I found what it takes to clear the debt to God. You.
If you are available, join me in my research. Make sure you sign up for my Instagram posts @yourinnermost. Take your pen and paper and jot down my email You will see me grow through your questions. I will dive into the abysm for you and find solutions. I am love to anyone who needs to find solutions for co-creative relationships and I am ready to serve.  God has many solutions and I have become his channel to enlighten myself and others on behalf of Love called Romance. I am available by phone, you can book a session, Science of Self Intuitive Reading, and the clearing of debts in relationships will be granted.
You have your connection, I can help you read into it. If you want to start a new relationship, I can prepare you for one. I can decode many things if you allow. Visit my blog, and you can read here my past articles and evaluate what you are through the eyes of the Science of Self.  I intend to write to enlighten those people who care for the growth of self and not by relationships. With my clearing, you will grow at your speed. The laws of karma do apply however after you have cleared your karmic debts. If you continue in the direction of karma after the clearing and don’t apply a good behavioral attitude to your partners, you will see the consequences.
It’s important you stay on the path of integrity and love. You will transition into the paradigm of eternal now. You will see the light come into your soul to clear all of the generational traumas. You will speak languages if you are a channel, you will see light codes coming down into your heart and you will transition into the new state of your light. The seal will hold it until you start again shutting down on loving. Love ensures the quality of your connection. If you sway and relate to a partner with hatred, the seal is lost. Ensure your safety at home and clarity of intent when you take this clearing session. I will speak with you on your issue and see who you are and what’s your highest and best. I.

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