I missed it!

I am sure all of us have had failed relationships, reasons are numerous. Often it comes down to a failure to communicate. People indulge in quarrels because they feel a certain way. Everybody is made in the likeness of Divine Father, yet those who cannot understand each other, seem to take relationships into a whirlwind of issues. Relationships probably are the hardest lessons to learn. Many won’t even know what it is to have a harmonious relationship on earth. For people, it became a norm to bring into relationships their issues. Those who care for love shall understand the truth, you have to transcend issues. The reasons for many are the evolution of the soul. You are growing, you are expanding and those who relate to you, are also on the same evolution path. You are the reality, you, yourself you are not in need of any kind, you are whole. Whenever you resolve the need to have, you have. I am the love of my light. I am.
In relationships, you are the orchestrator, the guide, the manifestor, and the reason for the direction where you will go and how you grow. Those who wish to stay in love, you only need to be love. You are love. If you are, you have it all. Issues are no longer appropriate, you already have seen it all he cannot stay in lesser connections. 
Ghosts of the past relationships come and go, you stay. You are the soulmate for you. Those who cared for you, are gone. They are. Are they? Soulmate relationships are free will based. You cannot force anyone to stick around. You will see it.
God has no plan unless you do. Plan. 
You cannot be without you. Coverage your love.
So care you are. I. Treasure is in your soul. Light for love. Expectations… raise the bars. Use your vigilance and stay true to you. Caresses of beloveds are lessened in the face of you loving… you are the truth. I.
Standing in the light of your soul, you are reaching up to relate to yourself as the highest guide. You are magnificent. Your joyous heart manifested all the love pouring. Those beings of love who were in your life left a ripple that touched your soul. Love shared cannot stay still, it evolves. If you are to heal oneself, you are halfway there. You manifest a better partner aligned to your clarity of beingness. You are a gift to those who cherish an open heart and your share of light entered their mind. Whenever you feel like you in a relationship, it’s yours. You as a partner will progress with ease. Traversing your psyche is a dubious experience if you trust your past. Don’t put your hand into a jar of the past. If it was an experience of duality, it would hurt you and others. Let it be. 
You are the lesson in disguise for those who never were able to be loved. Love is hard to achieve if they feel it’s unattainable. You will attract someone who is difficult and uncompromising. Such pain could only erase you more. Listen to your heart, don’t walk up to those who never clean up their psyche from past mistakes. You will see them make you suffer. You will fail to see love. You will struggle. In the wake of your new day, take yourself into a new you. You are a newly born person if you decide. Nobody can force you to be your past self. You can translate your past into now by forgiving. You will find your peace. 
Journaling is a possible solution when you need to vent, someone could get hurt if you do it in person, your passion might trigger them. You are your own writer of your screenplay. You will rewrite all endings into happy ones. You can. I. 

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