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The new era of metaphysical psychology has arrived. In this blog, I speak of two Universal Forces of Life that shine through us, and we become either internal or external. We interact as such. Please read my articles and find out about who you are, and how to co-create life with others in successful ways.

My Search…

avatarsmMy name is Ella & I am the founder of Celestial Lights website. These blog posts belong to the subject of Innermost that evolve metaphysical psychology. I am the Internal, and I hold the knowledge of the Inner and Outer Forces of Life. I came upon the knowledge that reveals our very nature. My goal here is to continue my research and share with my readers’ new ideas. I am.

From an early age as anyone else, I am on my own path to achieve the best I could be. I have been everyone and everything in many lifetimes. I came to a conclusion that spirituality is about finding your own path. I have read many books and saw other ways of achieving personal growth. To me now the spiritual path is finding my own. I have appreciated many authors, many gurus, many teachers out there. Everybody is the light that shines. I am to shine now too. I have been the Light, and I am the Light, and I will.

In this blog, I am exploring the new direction in my own spiritual path. It is about the internal self, the innermost. I have come upon realizations after many years of seeing my own patterns and what they led to. I see that I am an internal being, and I process life differently as compared to others. I also believe there are people who are external. They are more expressive and live life differently from me. And there are people who are both. This knowledge has not been shared in spiritual circles. I would never have figured it out unless I lived life and really hit the wall with many spiritual ideas. I realized, they did not apply to me at times. Therefore, mistakes took places, and some things in my life fell apart, and new things started to arrive. I’m finally recognizing Who I Am. I am better understanding my own self. Without learning who you are, you cannot succeed in life. Success in life is guaranteed when you come to meet yourself face to face.

Please, look around, read my articles. I am in the process of research. I am asking questions and answering them with lots of Heavenly assistance. If you have your own realizations, do email me. I would love to hear from you.

In the Light of Loving Soul That I am, I say to you: Welcome!



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